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Re: Sphincter dysenergia in Spinal Stenosis?

Posted By CCF Neuro MD msf on November 18, 1998 at 17:44:04:

In Reply to: Sphincter dysenergia in Spinal Stenosis? posted by molly on November 10, 1998 at 15:42:05:

Dear Doctors-
First,  thank you for your timely and informative answers.  It is greatly appreciated.
I posted on Oct. 29 (see detrusor sphincter dysinergia) and I have something to add and hope for an answer from you.  I do have an appointment on the 20 with a neurologist,  but he has not returned my calls as of yet pertaining to the lasted episode.  
I awoke sunday with my legs feeling numb, heavy, cold, and as though there is rubber bands around my ankles and knees.  Some lower back pain.I feel exhuasted.My right second toe was completly numb for a day  almost frostbitten feeling.  feet are like ice bergs.  This is not the first episode I have had like this.
Fist was 1993 with left side paranthesia, same numb, heavy legs.   It has happened several times since then. I have had a supposed MS work up before but spinal fluid was not taken.  I had neg MRI's of head in '95, Lumber in '96 and thoracic in 2/97 all showing negative I was told.  No cervical spine MRI done,  I was also recently diagnosed with TOS but surgery was not mentioned as the CCF Dr. was concerned about.  I am wondering if it actually just spasm and not TOS.  There does not seem to be a pattern to it,  just kind of gets worse for a while then managable again for a while. I also have neurogenic bladder,  self cath 7 times a day, and have detrusor sphincter dysinergia.   The possibility  of a spinal stenosis diagnosis was mentioned but this is without exam,  just thrown out there.
Any comments on the complex situation will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You in advance.  I have been looking for a definitive diagnosis for 7 years.

Dear Molly,
I apologize for not responding immediatly to your question. What I can say from the content of your message is that all the symptoms that you describe could be caused by a problem in your spinal cord, particularly in your cervical spinal cord (including the sphincter dyssynergia). Symptoms such as numbness, weakness and bladder dysfunction can effectively be produced by a narrowing (stenosis) of the spinal canal, which contains your spinal cord. This is usually due to arthritis or to a herniated disk. Although the symptoms generated by a spinal stenosis can fluctuate, they have a tendency to be permanent, especially when the problem has been going on for several years. However, there are other possible causes of spinal cord dysfunction, and MS is one of them. It could be a good idea to perform an MRI of your spinal cord. Of course, the indication depends on what your neurologist finds when he/she examines you, so I encourage you to discuss this issue with him/her.

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