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Re: Transient numbness

Posted By CCF Neurology M.D. on February 19, 1998 at 05:32:47:

In Reply to: Transient numbness posted by Cynthia on February 16, 1998 at 22:12:13:

: When I read the symptoms of MS, I need some clarification on numbness.  Knowing that all cases are unique, is it TYPICAL to have very sporadic numbness vs. numbness that is more sustained?  My specific example is that during sleep, I often have fingers that go numb and cause me to awaken. The numbness never lasts more than 30 seconds or so.  I am not asking for a diagnosis, rather if this is the typical numbness that accompanies MS?  I have other symptoms as well, but none that point specifically to MS.  What other disorders would be associated with transient numbness?
Dear Cynthia,
Yes, MS can have symptoms that are brief (but not usually seconds or minutes) or sustained.  The symptoms that you are describing are suggestive of carpal tunnel syndrome.  This is a disorder caused by compression of the median nerve to the hand. This is usually do to repeated use of the hand/wrist.  Symptoms usually consist of tingling/numbness in the palm/fingers especially the index, middle, and ring fingers.  Symptoms frequently wake a person up at night and are usually relieved in SECONDS by shaking the hand. I would recommend that you get an evaluation by a neurologist.  If you are intersted in seeing a physician at CCF, call 1-800-CCF-CARE.  Ask for the neurology appointments secretary.
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