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Re: Unidentified Scalp Pain

Posted By CCF  on November 14, 1998 at 16:27:17:

In Reply to: Unidentified Scalp Pain posted by Mary on November 13, 1998 at 22:55:53:

: I am a female in my late forties. For about six weeks I have experienced pain in a small area of my scalp.  Sometimes the pain seems to radiate down my forehead and into my temples.  It is not continual or intense, but it is annoying.  I have seen several doctors, but haven't gotten a satisfactory answer.  A dermatologist has prescribed a cortisone lotion.  Another doctor thought I might have burned my scalp from dying my hair.  This makes sense since I noticed the pain shortly after dying my hair.  However, there are no blisters or signs of anything, except for some redness.  Is it possible I damaged a nerve in my scalp from a chemical burn?  I can't find any medical information on this topic.  I have used this same hair dye several times in the past and have not had any adverse results.
The painful area is located around where I part my hair.  I notice the pain when I brush or wash my hair, although it often occurs for no reason at all.
I would appreciate any information you can provide.  

No neurological syndrome jumps to mind as a plausible cause of your scalp
It is very difficult to imagine  nerve damage from a dye which did not
damage the overlying skin.
Also nerves in the scalp tend to follow very predictable large wedgeshaped
territories and this does not fir the patern.
One long-shot is a problem called cranial arteritis which is a problem with
inflammation of blood vessels in the scalp and inside the brain itself, it
may cause scalp tenderness and pain while combing the hair.
The screening test for this problem is a sedimentation rate which will be
abnormaly high in people who have this disorder.
I suggest you ask your physician if this was checked as it will outrule
a serious cause of scalp tenderness.

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