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Re: restless leg syndrome

Posted By CCF Neurology MD on September 19, 1997 at 04:43:58:

In Reply to: restless leg syndrome posted by stacy on September 16, 1997 at 15:32:38:

: My mother is currently taking neurontin for restless leg syndrome and this still seems to be giving
her little to no relief.  Is there anything else available for her or is
there somewhere where research is being done on this disease that we could contact?
Any help would be a welcome releif to the sleepless nights and pain she endures.  Thank you.

Dear Stacy:
Drugs such as Sinemet, bromocryptine (Parlodel), clonazepam, opioids, baclofen and clonidine are some of the other drugs that are potentially effective in treating restless legs, besides gabapentin. These should be tried individually or in combination to determine the best treatment that suits your mother.
She could visit the movement disorder section of the nearest academic neurology department near where she lives for the best care, and to possibly get involved with ongoing research trials.
At Cleveland, she would want to see Dr. R. Stanley Burns who is a renowned neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic specially interested in restless legs. (800)223-2273, or (216)444-5559  locally, are the numbers to call for appointments.
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