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Re: treatments for cerebellar ataxia

Posted By CCF MD GS on October 26, 1998 at 15:55:00:

In Reply to: treatments for cerebellar ataxia posted by johnnie brown on October 26, 1998 at 12:18:40:

my wife has symptoms of cerebellar ataxia  her mother who is still living has also .I know the disease is hereditary  but I would like to know what test can be done to check my three children for the disease. i also wanted to note my wife has a brother who shows no signs of the disease as yet .
   Does anybody know what type of research is being done in this field if any ,because it seem to me that a lot of people has this condition but no famous has it yet so nothing is being done . I look frward to hearing from you soon  thanks in advance for the help


Thanks for the question. I appreciate your concern but with the history that is given it is very difficult to provide you with very much concrete information but I will give you the number of the Ataxia Foundation and they can send you information. If you wish to see one of our movement disorder specialists at CCF call 216 444 5559.
National Ataxia Foundation
750 Twelve Oaks Center
15500 Wayzata BLVD
Wayzata, MN, 55391
612 473 7666
612 473 9289
Good luck.

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