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Reactivation of HSV-1 and Hemorrhagic Stroke

Can the reactivation of HSV-1 cause a hemorrhagic stroke (burst of cavernou hemangioma)?  Are there any tests that can be done to show this?  My Neurologist has done an MRI of the brain, but she says my deficits are from the stroke.  After over three years and no progress, I'd like to explore this possibility, especially since many things worsen right before menstruaion.

Thank you for your time!
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It is rather unlikely that a viral infection would cause a stroke.  Virus in the central nervous system would usually affect the coating of the brain (meningitis) or the brain itself (encephalitis) which could lead to brain edema, behavioral problems with or without fever.  The virus does not really directly affect the blood supply of the brain which should have been compromised or blocked to cause an inschemic stroke, or make them fragile to cause a hemorrhagic one.

It is more likely that other underlying problems such as changes in blood pressure, heart conditions or cholesterol problems would have contributed to this phenomenon.  

Demonstration of HSV-1 infection in the brain can be done through culture of the cerebrospinal fluid.

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My stroke, which was over three years ago, was treated by solu-medrol for brain swelling, but many deficits remain.

If by chance this was caused by herpes simplex encephalitis (HES), could it still be detected in the CSF?  Would Acyclovir help?

Thanks for your reply!
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Dr said I have a mini stroke.  What symptoms do you have?  The CT brain and ultrasound of the neck are showed normal.  I don't know would they let me have a MRI or not because I have a pacemaker.  They all brushed me off with the dizziness and complaint.  They told me the pacemaker will prevent any cause of faint (anti faint).  Until last week, the blackout caused the lost of control while I was driving.  Now they're refering me to a neurologist.  

Take care.
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Has your pacemaker been checked?  Maybe your BP is fluctuating (and you're fainting) because of a low battery.

It's best to have a neurologist check you out if you think you've had a TIA...
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