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Red,Tingling, Burning Hands While Walking on Treadmill

Usually about 15 minutes in to my workout (walking briskly on treadmill) I start to have pain in my hands.  They turn red, burn, and tingle.  

The only thing that helps during the workout is to lift my hands up near my shoulders, elbows pointing toward the ground.  As soon as I get off the treadmill, my hands return to normal.

I just want to make sure this isn't something serious. Thank you.
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You may be decribing Raynauds phenomenom - particularly if there is a lot of vibration, and your hands/tips of fingers go from blue to white to red. Vibrating tools or equipment can precipitate this in predisposed individuals, it is due to an abnoraml reactivity of the small blood vessesl in the hands which results in spasm and transient lack of blood flow to the fingers. If this happens also in the cold this would be suggestive. You may need to avoid this activity in that case.

Otherwise you may have a pinched nerve at the wrist causing tingling when there is vibration or further compression by hand or elbow positioning. This can be evaluated for by a nerve conduction study at your neurologists office.
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I have Raynauds...the doc certainly is right when he says vibrations can trigger it. Do your hands have an increased sensitivity to cold? I know when mine are exposed to cold, such as the cold weather that NE has right now, my hands will turn white, blue then red once the circulation returns. Once it gets to the red stage it hurts and burns and itches, pretty painful at times. I have to be careful getting things out of the freezer so that I don't trigger this phenomena. I actually take meds to help alleviate this conditon, keeps the arterioles from vasoconstricting. It does help by preventing my hands from going through this. I wish you luck in finding out what is causing your hand problems. Sunny :)
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I found your story very interesting. I am 25 and just found out recently that I have Raynauds. My mom noticed it when I was eating dinner at a resturant my hands were cold and I held them up and said look how crazy this is my fingers are white!! I could tell by the look on her face that it wasn't good. THat's when I went to the Dr's and he said it was Raynauds. ANyways, my question is does it get worse? Being 25 its kind of scary when this disease is already stopping my normal activities. I also wonder if this is caused by something else. I have major stress (just like every other normal human) but ever since my junior year in highschool 1997 I get a burning sensation in my back near my kidneys sometimes its on both sides sometimes its on one side then it radiates to the front near my belly button then radiates back to the back. It hasn't been as bad since highschool but I can remember almost passing out and becoming SOB because of this. I laid in a fetal postion until it went away. I've had a CT done of my Abdomen and pelvis came back negative and an ultrasound that also came back negative O yea and an L-spine x ray negative.... I am open to any suggestions I'd like to catch this soon since I am so young if it is something serious! THanks
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If you are twenty five and just gettin Raynauds...it is just about the time I realized the same....I never go white but always stay red since I work in the furinture finishing business.  I finished college and had those issues before and after...did you ever take Accutane or where you just a stressed lady for the most part????
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Sorry, I was on the phone with the IRS when I typed my first note.  I turned 31 this year and the only thing that I can suggest is to not smoke...but I still do from time to time and keep those little hands of yours warm.  I wear the little universal stretch gloves all the time unless at work.  I used to work in advertising and wear them when I was confined to my 66 degrees office...Once I explained to folks in the office what was up I dont think they were so freaked out...and to have a sense of humor...anyone having hotflashes will love you beyond belief.  Dont be scared...learn to deal with it.  I try my best to at least walk everyday, try to run a few times a week and remeber to windmill your arms to keep your circulation up.  So...as we speak, you Raynaud folks...get up, go for a walk, windmill your arms and keep your circualtion up....what else ya gonna do...look for sappy support while sitting on your butts infront of a computer while you could be circulating your systems...  See ya , taking to dogs for a walk.  Warm hand and feet wishes...EXERCISE
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I never took Accutane, I just have high anxiety. I am very active I am a Rad Tech and my job alone is active, but I also exercise. My fingers actually turn white go numb, feel cold just like a dead persons would feel(they remind me of when I did an autopsy on a guy), then turn black and start to hurt then to red. My toes and fingers are always very sensitive to different textures (ex. material)What my main concern is I am wondering if my Raynauds is caused by something else since I have that burning sensation in my back that radiates to my abdomen. I have done research and went through a series of tests but I have never had a straight forward answer pertaining to the burning. Also I am concerned if this disease will one day take my life or basically take over my life...
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