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Right Brain Stem Stroke

Had a Brain Stem Stroke on my right side on 08/09/07.  I am still having excess hiccups when I talk or try any movement, sensitivity to light at times, having problems with determining hot and cold with my left arm, and severe vertigo problems dizziness and naseousness.

I am not having much success in getting answers on what my recovery will or will not be at this point.

Any suggestions on what areas I should go to try and help with my recovery?
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Debbie the causes, types and location of strokes are so varied, it's tough to project any outcome reliably - I suffered an Ischemic stroke (clot in my right carotid artery) turns out the extent of my stroke was more significant than one would have expected due to an genetic abnormality in a vascular structure called the circle of willis. Early CT scans  don't show the full impact of cell damage so getting a new set of Images to compare against any taken  at the acute phase of your stroke might provide a clearer picture of the areas of injury to your brain. Better infomation and more time will drive healing better than worrying -I have to tell you I've experienced near miraculous recovery both physical and cognitive -  been two years and an enormous effort, but the capacity for certain areas of the brain to recover are extraordinary....a good first step would be to have a neurologist order an MRI within a reasonable period of time- say 3-6 months post your event. I'd caution you about reading too much into the pain and numbness on your left side - that's quite common and might come and go as there are so many moving pieces and some are only now beginning to wake up - so in the short-term these "odd" sensations might even be  a very good sign. bottom line? Once you've got on top of the medical issues that precipitated the stroke focus on the medical and phyical issues that need attention and your energy to acquire more stability to your normal daily activities You're to be congratulated for having found your way onto a web-based forum! Many folks might never get this far and you're still recovering from a significant trauma to mind and body - your spirit appears to be in great shape keep those spirits up. SMALLL steps.Debbie very small steps in the right direction. Speaking from experience: miracles can happen, and are more likely to happen if you ask yourself and your doctors "what do I need to do [or know] before I can?" instead of listening to that voice in you that says "I can't!"  with best wishes for your hope and healing john AKA"brain-under repair"
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