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Right arm tremor

I have a right arm course bicep tremor, which manifests only when I am using my arm but not at rest, e.g pick up a cup.   Emotional and physical stress makes it worse.  MRI shows osteophytes at C5-6 and C6-7 with broad based discal buldge on both.  Could this be the cause of my tremor and if so is surgery advisable and is it safe.

I also have a fine hand tremor in both hands.
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Hi there. Intention tremor also known as kinetic tremor occurs when goal oriented movements produce shaking in the moving body parts, mostly hands.  This is quite commonly seen in Parkinson’s disease, trapped peripheral nerves, drug therapies, multiple sclerosis etc. Ostephytes are see due to bony deposits in the spine and occur around the neuronal foramina possibly the cause for the symptoms. The bone deposition could be from immune reactions from a systemic disease like osteoarthritis, infections of spine, etc.  Surgical correction is indicated if the other possible causes for the tremor are less likely. Consult your neurosurgeon for the best guidance. Take care.

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Many thanks for your response.  My neurosurgeon seems to think the nerve impingment could be the cause however my neurologist is uncertain.  He is suggesting I try the anti convulsant topomax to see "what happens" however I am concerned about the possible side effects of this "experiment".  Interestingly the "jerky" movement of my right arm is significantly reduced when I am horizontal ie it seems worse when under the force of gravity.  This makes me think it is structural rather than neurological.  I would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

Again, many thanks for your kind input.


Tho many years have passed since you posted your inquirt, I am curious as to whether you received a formal diagnosis for this issue and found relief from symptoms? I am experiencing the exact same range of symptoms.

Thank you in advance for any insight!

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I have tremors in both biceps that are positional. They do not happen when arms are up or when I am lying down. It happens at weight bearing positions. Look into Neurogenic Thoracic outlet syndrome. TOS.
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