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Right hand side muscle weakness

I need some help as I am not getting anywhere with my doctors.  For the past 7 weeks I have been experiencing only what I can describe as muscle weakness on my right hand side. It doesn't effect my whole right hand side all the time and sometimes I don't have it for a number of days.  Today I have had heaviness/weakness in my right arm and a numbness feeling around my right shoulder blade on my back.  I had an MRI scan and results were normal.  I have seen a neurologist who didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with me at all and I am going to see another neurologist to get a second opinion.  This is very difficult as I am 6 weeks pregnant and I'm struggling to deal with being pregnant and not understanding what is causing these episodes.  Prior/during this happening I was very stressed and was having panic/anxiety attacks brought on by being concerned about my health. I haven't paniced for over 2 weeks now.  I know my muscles in my jaw, neck and back are very tight.

I just want some answers and help about where to go now with all this, its driving me mad.

Thank you in advance
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Thank you for your question. There can be several reasons of such symptoms although without being able to examine him, I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that he needs, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about his health concern.

Most likely possibility in your case could be a panic or anxiety disorder that you have faced during last event and currently experiencing. Cause of such panic disorder mostly remain unknown but in this disorder you may feel symptoms like shortness of breath, feeling of choking, pain in the chest, nausea, stomach ache, feeling dizzy, tingling or numbness, chills /hot flashes, bounding heartbeat or fast heart rate, sweating, shaking etc. even without any underlying disorder. This disorder needs to be thoroughly assessed by a psychiatrist first since this can occur repeatedly and without warning.  Treatments may include psychological and drug treatments, and depend upon extent of severity of symptoms. Most commonly psychological treatment tried is counseling, relaxation techniques and sometimes cognitive behavior therapy. ************** depends upon treating the underlying depressive illness through anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medicines.  In addition, try to rest in a dark & quiet room, meditate, have a balanced diet, regularly exercise and avoid taking unnecessary non prescription drugs to avoid recurrence of symptoms.

Hope this helps!!

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Would you have given the same diagnosis if I didn't mention the anxiety???

I should allaborate some more on this. I was getting the weakness before the anxiety.  The anxiety has been brought on by me not knowing what is wrong and the doctors just shrugging it off as nothing.  I do not have a very good relationship with my doctor, possibly because I have frequently been in to see him in recent months and he cannot figure out what to do next.  His dismissivness only added to my stress.  Before this, I have not had a day ill since 2002 when I had flu and I have not been to the doctors for any reason since this date.  The doctor has made me feel that this is all stress related but I am hesitant to believe this diagnosis at the moment.  I have not found and research that suggests sudden bouts of muscle weakness could be brought on by stress/anxiety.  Any information regarding this would be greatly received.  I am concerned that my muscles maybe causing a nerve to get compromised when I am doing certain things or if I have slept in a bad position and this could be causing the symptoms?? Also, it feels like I need a really deep massage to get into the muscles to wake my arm up, if that makes any sense.  Any further information regarding this would be greatly received.
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I had a panic attack about 4 months ago, due to thinking I was having a heart attack when in fact I was plagued by H.Pylori and caused a lot of gastrointestinal symptoms (one of which resembled a heart attack). 2 months later I noticed my right arm was feeling weak, and 4 months later I am not sure if it's perceived or real muscle weakness.

I also had an MRI and a chest X-Ray, both came back clean. I went to a psychiatrist who prescribed Chlordiazpoxide, Clonazepam and Alprazolam for a 80 day period, plus some vitamins. The right hand and arm weakness still persists. I noticed sometimes - rarely - it also affects my right leg.

Seeing your case I am more convinced that this is anxiety related, and not something physical.

Because ALL my symptoms began after the panic attack that followed the heart attack-like attack, I am convinced it's all subconscious. I am not sure what to do to get completely healed at this point, but I thought you might be relieved to know same thing is affecting me and most likely has to do with panic attacks and panic disorder.
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I understand that this is scary. I think it is good that you will see a different neurologist for a second opinion. A neurologist can maybe say which nerve that is "damaged". But you might also have to accept that it will be hard to get a diagnosis. In worst case you will just have to wait until the disease progresses and you will get more and distinct symptoms. Then it will be easier to diagnos.

But still, don't freak out now. Sometimes the body does strange things. You are pregnant and your hormone levels are going roller coaster on you. It's not strange if your body reacts.

And one good thing is that your brain scan was normal. That is very good. At least you know that you don't have any brain tumors or similar.

Go to the neurologist but stay positive. The symptoms might just go away and never come back as well..

Take care and keep us posted!
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