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Right side pain near S1 joint with Sicatic pain down right leg.

  I am 6 month post surgery for a cage fusion. I have developed pain in the right SI joint with Siactic pain shooting down the right buttocks , leg, and numbness in foot. This pain is contants and very sinsitive when I apply presure to walk or sit. I need help someone to tell me at what level the siactic nevre comes out or what could be the possible cause of this increasing pain.
The sciatic nerve comes out from the spinal cord in the form of five roots
which origionate at the levels L3, L4,L5, S1 and S2.
If you had surgery at any of these levels it is very likely that you have
a problem with a root being pinched, as the symptoms you describe clearly
point to something which is affecting part or all of the sciatic nerve.
I would suggest that you consult with the surgeon who performed the surgery
and have a scan of this area.

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