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Road to an MS Diagnosis

Hello all, I appreciate reading everyone's posts.

I'm not diagnosed w MS or being officially evaluated for it, but I seem to be having increasing symptoms that point in that direction.

I'm currently taking Detrol, Tramadol & Gabapentin for my symptoms.  I have an 8+ year history of low back pain which moved from myofascial pain to facet joint issues to sciatica-type problems.  In addition to lots of pain I have increasing weakness in my legs, tripping / stumbling etc.  (I had similar symptoms over a year ago and had an RF procedure, which seemed to help.  My spine doc was planning to schedule me for another RF, but I developed complications after the nerve block test.  I developed incontinence / leaking which they can't really explain why it hasn't yet resolved.  I had an emergency lumbar MRI done and it was largely unremarkable.  I had a pelvic & renal ultrasound done which were unremarkable.

I've since developed severe neck pain particularly when I move my chin to chest.  They DC's it as cervical radiculopathy and I'm scheduled for an MRI without contrast next week.  I've also been having pain / weakness in my left hand that I thought was carpal tunnel but they now believe is related to my neck.  Also my legs & arms fall asleep really easily & I have lots of ins/needles sensations, intermittently.

I know I just have to see how my symptoms & testing progresses, but any comments welcome.  I have the cervical MRI next week, follow up w my ObGyn on the in continence tomorrow, and a neuro appt in Nov.  Also a follow up ultrasound in DC and urology appt in December if still needed.  So far they are all hoping I'm experiencing temporary complications from the nerve block & I'll just gradually get better, but they can't yet explain my symptoms.
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A couple additional notes.  I had EMG testing done on my legs about 18 mo ago and it was normal.  Around the same time I had nerve testing in my arms - carpal tunnel & ulnar.  It showed mild carpal tunnel as expected but they said nothing that really explained the symptom of waking up with my arms numb / completely asleep.

I also had vertigo testing done around then which was negative, and at that point my neuro made a point of saying no results indicated MS.

An additional new symptom I have is feeling really fuzzy / difficulty concentrating,  that could be due to my deep fatigue, which they believe is due to not sleeping well due to my pain levels - why they started me on the gabapentin.
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I reposted this question with more info to the MS forum - apologies for posting in the wrong space.
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