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Rolling over in bed or turning and lowering head to retrieve something from the refrigerator. What is it and how can I stop it. The symptoms came on quickly and have not stopped in 4 days.
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i dont know why do i feel like constant spinning .... i am getting this feeling past 1 year..........i feel very scared and get exhausted sometimessss...i am 17years old.....plzzzz help
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It sounds almost exactly like what I have, only mine doesn't seem to be as severe.  I have a room spinning sensation for a good 3-10 seconds whenever I put my head down or pull myself up/sit up too fast... though when I sit up slowly, it sometimes occurs too...  As long as the motion involves tilting the right side of my head toward the ground or resting on my right side, I am almost always guaranteed a spinning room!  How fun... =\

I have BPV, also known as Benign Positional Vertigo, and it's basically like the crystals in your ears aren't where they're supposed to be, so the fluid that gives us our sense of balance isn't flowing quite how it should be.  I've heard there could be some exercises that make the spinning sensation eventually go away, but what's been working for me is most likely different than what'll work for you (my inner right ear was one of many things that had some crazy damage after I was hit by a 70 foot semi.... not a common scenario lol?) I'm definitely no expert in this field, but I hope this might've been somewhat helpful <3!
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Regarding the spinning room, I am a healthy 41 year old female. When I turn my head suddenly the whole rooms seems to spin severely and lasts a couple of minutes. I seem to have to get stability if I am standing or suffer through it if I am laying down. It feels like I am intoxicated for those few moments. I don't have any symptoms or indication that it is coming. I have recently been treated for colitis and am taking flagyl and cipro.
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Hello Dear,
Please be specific and kindly let me know the exact symptoms so that I can help you out.It is difficult for me to diagnose anything on these symptoms.

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