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Salivary/Parotid Gland Stone?

  How do they test for a stone in the Salivary/Parotid Gland? Would an x-ray show what might be causing the gland to swell when eatting, but not everytime does it swell. Or would they have to use an injection of dye?
  And can a stone be removed without surgery? I understand that a few of the facial nerves run thru/along side the gland and can be damaged during the surgery.
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Dear Nancy:
Sorry to hear about your swelling parotid gland.  If a stone were present, one should be able to palpate the stone manually.  If the gland duct were clogged, one should be able to note periodic swelling with eating then a return to normal size (if the blockage is incomplete).  I would get an opinion of an ENT physician to see what the possible etiology of the swelling might be.  Just to rule out the possibilities of something bad.  If the etiology is a stone or other mass, surgery is usually uneventful providing the mass has not enwrapped itself around the nerve.  Good luck.
CCF Neuro MD

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