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Seeing "lights" with eyes closed.

  For several years I have experienced "seeing" soft lights when my eyes are
  closed, sort of a light show on the inside of my eyelids. The clarity of the light increases the darker the room or when I cover my eyes.  Usually the moving light show is undulating white light, but I have experienced other colors also. I do not have pain or any other discernable visual disturbances with the exception of seeing halos around lights when driving at night. The halos around the lights are larger in diameter with increased fatigue. Is this normal and benign? I am 39 yrs old and this started about five yrs ago.  Thank you in advance.
Thanks for your question.  The symptoms described in your message are of
a benign nature.  They can be seen in patients that suffer from migraine
headaches.  These "lights" usually result from either spurious neuronal
activity in the retina (i.e. similar to when one rubs/massages a closed
eye), or from activity in the visual cortex (i.e. similar to visuals auras
preceding migraines).  Since you do not have any other neurological symptoms
associated with these "lights" and you did not mention any actual visual
impairment over the last few years, there would not be reason to be overly
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
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