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Seizure? I've always had fainting issues due to low BP but lately my muscles twitch, then I fall and lose...

It's always when I get up from sitting or laying down, I start walking and my mind gets foggy and almost feels head ache like then my eye sight starts to go black and my muscles start to twitch which then brings me to the ground and I lose consciousness for not more than 3 seconds and come back fine.

It's always just been light headed-ness then I pass out, I've been very ill lately but now I'm better, could this of caused the spasms my body has?
It hasn't gotten better, does anyone have an idea of what it is?
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In my opinion, this is some sort of seizure.  How long has this been going on?  

I would recommend seeing a Neurologist for an assessment and testing; an EEG and an MRI of the head/brain WITH contrast for starts.  

Have you have any recent blood work?  
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I have had a lot of blood work and IV's this past month, which is when 3/4's of this started.
They eventually found eosinaphilic esophagitis.
I did a Blood pressure test sitting and standing and sitting it came out as 90/76 and right when I stood I took it and it came out as 66/50 I believe.
So it always occures when I stand.
I had those tests done a year ago and it came up normal.
They said it's because I change positions too fast but a year ago it was fainting, not seizures. Now it's both.
My blood work showed high lipase and thats it.
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It's been going on about a month, it used to be just fainting.
I found it was a side effect of a new med so hopefully it stops.
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What med were you taking and for what?
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It was called nortryptyline HCL
And I haven't had one since I got taken off:D
It was for nerves and anxiety
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Yes, some of the anxiety/depression medications can cause more harm than good.  Don't get me wrong, for the most part they help alot of people if nothing else works for them, but I think more alternatives to treating anxiety/depression should be explored.  

I, myself, had problems with a medication about a year ago.  It was something I was taking for an inner ear problem.  I was having monclonic jerks at night and I quickly figured out it was this medication.  The physician who prescribed it stated that can't be, but in my case IT WAS.  So, even sometimes physicians do not know or realize what adverse effects medications can have on patients.  
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BTW:  the elevated lipase was probably from a medication.  

All the best.  :)
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