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Seizure like problems

I have been having a seizure like problem. It only happens when I walk or run. I had it once in a while in high school, never got it checked out. But it has gotten worse after the 4th of july 2010. I suffered heat exhaustion was rushed to the ER by ambulance, took me over three weeks to recover from that. But since then my seizure like problems have happened more and more. I haven't the seizure thing since about 9th grade, I have been out of school for over 5years now.

What happens is that when I walk, my arms, legs stiffen up, my head tilts to the right, the left side of my face drops like Im having a stroke. But while this is going on, Im fully aware of things around me, I can hear fine, my vision goes double. Just yesterday this happened to me 12+ times. I really scared me, I have never had it happen that many times in a short time. I happened within a 3hour time period. I don't have any health care assist. I make to much to have state healthcare. I make to little to pay for it out of my pocket. I dont know what to do.
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Welcome to the neurology forum of medhelp. I know how helpless it is to be throwing seizures and not having medical assistance. Well your symptoms look like a partial seizure because there is no loss of consciousness. Epilepsy can occur due to abnormal neuronal discharges from brain following a  head injury, some drugs, withdrawal from drugs, hypoglycemia, hyponatremia,  a slow growing brain tumor etc . a neurologist needs to examine you at the earliest. Certain tests, blood tests to see electrolyte level,  CT, MRI scan need to be done to aid in coming to a conclusion as to what is causing the symptoms.  Please go to the neurology emergency immediately.
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I have seen 3 doctors so far, but non know what is wrong. They tried to get me an appointment with a neurologist specialist, they wont take me because I dont have any medical assistance to cover the bill. The earliest they can get me into se a specialist is late November. I have had an MRI, a CT, blood taken, urin tests, and an EEG done to me so far. I dont do drugs, im not on any other medications, the closest thing i had to a brain injury was heat exhaution back on the 4th july while i was working.
They didnt find anything on the CT or MRI. I just took the EEG today. It will be a few weeks before I find out anything from that. They have to ship the paperwork from to another city.
I would like to thank you for your time. Im glad I ran across this website.
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