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Seizure or not?

I am 18 years old and 8 months ago I started havin small tremors in my left hand. Over the past 8 months the tremors having been spreading from my hand to my arm then to my left side of my body and then to my whole body. It happens infrequently, sometimes its a week in between the episodes or months. When they happen I am still conscious barely. After, I feel like there is no strenght left in my body. Along with the tremors there are other things that I dont know what they are. I blackout in at dinner with my family and when i came too i didnt know where or who i was with for a few seconds. I have been seeing something similar to glitter when its not there. Moods swings where extreme fatigue follow. I sometimes hav loss of focus or concentration. I think this is irrelevent but accasionly right below my swells up.

   If you could tell me anything that may help me figure out whats goin on i would greatly appreaciate it. Thank you.

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Yes, David, I think it is very likely that you are having seizures.  From what you describe they are called "Focal Motor seizures with Jacksonian March" .  This means that you start to have a very localized seizure in your hand, but then it "marches" to involve the whole side of your body and sometimes the entire body.   The other episode you are having sound like brief Partial (complex - maybe) Seizures.  You need an evaluation of this immediately.  If this happens while your are driving or swimming it could be disastrous for you and possibly for others.

They will need to do a brainwave tracing called an EEG and probably will do a head scan also to rule out something more serious like a problem in the brain.  Do not put this off.  Tell your family and get evaluated as soon as possible.

This is most likely not a serious thing like a brain tumor, but that has to be ruled out.  My sister began to have identical seizures when she was 19.  Hers are very easy to control.

Good luck, and please come back and tell us what they find.  If it is a simple partial or focal motor seizure, it shouldn't affect your life much.

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