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Seizures and other odd symptoms

Hello Everyone,

A friend of mine recently started developing an odd cocktail of symptoms that are quite frankly, rather concerning.

It started with what appeared to be a grand mal seizure which lasted for roughly two minutes. Shortly before the seizure, he was complaining about an odd pressure in his ears, like he was underwater, and chest pain. I also noticed his nails had turned an slightly abnormal shade of blue, his face reddish, and he was having some trouble breathing. At that time however, the symptoms were not that severe, until he stood up from resting in a seat when the seizure started and he locked up. He started to collapse, but caught onto a chair and managed to hold himself slightly off the ground through the attack. Even through the violent convulsions. Something I found odd as my experience with family members and seizures have shown they have very little if any control over any of their actions while having the seizure. He did not however, have any recollection at all of the events during and slightly before the seizure.

The doctors ran some blood tests on him, and everything came back in perfect order, except for his thyroid tests which haven't came back yet. So they essentially just said that he may have actually had an anxiety attack, instead of a seizure, and closed the case. But his symptoms are still persisting, and hes had another attack today.

He's having a rather tough time controlling his muscles, especially in his legs, as they convulse from time to time and try to kick out from under him. He described them as almost "electric shocks". So as far as I'm concerned, the case is far from closed, as he's had another attack and it was still rather violent and enduring when it came. Not to mention the psychological effects of fearing the next attack are undoubtedly hard to live with, since he's still not even sure what's going on with himself.

So he's got some appointments with some specialists soon to have more thorough and expert opinions on his symptoms and attacks, but in the mean time I'm very concerned if there might be a worse condition looming that could arise before they can figure the whole thing out, and seizures are just a symptom of it.

Any advice or elaboration on the problems he's having would be much appreciated, especially on what exactly might be going on with him, since this whole situation is just very frightening and confusing. Especially the unknown of what exactly is happening, since something about his symptoms doesn't seem to mesh. Especially the chest pain before the attacks, as I can't seem to find anything about those being related to a seizure.

Much appreciated,
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