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Serotonin Syndrome/ Arnold Chiari Malformation Type I/ Generalized Dystonia

I had severe serotonin syndrome last August. My old doctor prescribed imitrex and pristiq together (there's an FDA Alert to not mix the two).  I had burning in my occipital lobe, right side of face, right shoulder, upper back, and burning down my right arm.  I also had muscle weakness, nausea, confusion, a delay in my speech, and hot flashes that traveled up and down my body. I called my old primary and they told me to wait off the side effects of the imitrex instead of going to the ER.  My head continued to burn for two months when another doctor finally pulled me off of the serotonin medication.  The burning is gone for the most part but I am left with what they are now calling generalized dystonia.  I also have a chiari malformation and a cousin who also has both disorders.  I'm currently on valium and artane for the muscles spasms.  The new doc said it may be dopamine responsive because of the serotonin syndrome; however, they have not given me a dopamine med because it can increase pressure on my brain and irritate my chiari/migraines.  I wish I was one of the lucky ones that the symptoms just went away after I stopped the meds but I'm afraid the medication may have also triggered a genetic predisposition.  I've seen numerous doctors and the lastest one was a movement disorder specialist who referred me to another (more experienced movement disorder specialist) in Houston, TX.  Any ideas that might be beneficial for me?
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I forgot to mention that I also have tremors in my left hand and my head does a slight nodding movement once in a while. My cousin with dystonia also has parkinsonian features as well.
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Hi...I am so sorry to hear u r dealing with something in addition to chiari as it can be more than enuff to deal with.....we do have a Chiari forum....http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Chiari-Malformation/show/257?camp=msc

I think u will find support and good info here on the forum.

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The good news is that the Artane is working and the spasms have decreased significantly.  I can finally walk normal again.  (Although the disorder is extremely strange and I'm always on the look out to make sure it's not coming back.) I was also able to stop the Valium (which was horrible) and use a different muscle relaxer.  Interestingly enough, I have also found out that I am premenoposal (at a very young age), had a severe B-12 deficiency, and I also have sleep apnea.  It makes me feel like I never needed the Pristiq in the first place because there were medical reasons why I was tired all of the time and had anxiety.  I still can't believe that once I stopped seeing the old primary (who never ran any tests) that the new doctors found out that I have 5 disorders.  
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