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Severe Cramps all over body at the same time!

  I have had 17 surgery in my short 42 years but here lately I am suffering from about the most severe cramping a person can go through.  It can start anywhere on my body -neck, calf, hamstring area, stomach sides arms  hands etc...  They will start at areas  usually that haven't been operated on but they will continue to spread over my entire body.  They pain really concentrates the worst in my back surgery areas and the front area where there are healed incisions.  When this occurs I will fall to the floor where ever I am and basically cry like a baby.  Hence I don't leave the house very often.  I have had 7 back surgeries in which one of them they removed my stomach contents from the front and tried using cadaver bone in place of my vertebreas. Third degree burn scars. Bi-lateral hernias and a nightmare of a surgery in the USMC when my appendix ruptured twice.  The first time they thought I was faking the pain.  It subsided after a week then a month later  the abcess ruptured poisoning my insides. Bla Bla Bla To get back on topic these cramps start anywhere and concentrate on all the incisions areas and the pain is uncontrollable.  I know I have a MedTronic Morphine infusion pump also that doesn't touch the pain.  I drink Gatorade all day and try to take potassion but nothing helps.  This is a nightmare.
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Hmmm.  Here's a very comprehensive link about cramps.  

I would guess that low potassium and dehydration are not the cause of your cramps,  so drinking gatorade all the time and taking potassium probably isn't helping.  It's probably not hurting,  either,  though.

Look at the section called "tetany" - I think it's on like the 3rd page.  

Low magnesium and blood calcium,  or vitamin D irregularities maybe?

Best wishes.

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I wanted to post a response to you because I was suffering from cramps a few months back in my lower legs and feet, the cramps that got me sent to the doctor were the ones that were in the "FRONTS" of my legs along the shins. I thought at first they were shin splints because I had been walking a long distance in the days prior, hiking on a sandy beach. Long after the trip to the beach though they continued, day and night. In the middle of the night it was so bad and painful that I was in tears and crying out in pain. When I took off my socks my toes were curled so far back that they looked contorted. I talked to my podiatrist because they were in my feet too and immediately he put me on a multi vitamin, and a Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc supplement. These pills are like horse pills and you need to cut them in half but they're a once a day pill and honestly, these have been a Godsend with the cramping in my legs. I no longer have any cramps and I sleep without having to dash out of bed to walk them out. You might try this supplement (it comes as ONE Pill) I got mine over the counter at Target and it's not expensive. I'm telling you the difference from then to now is profound!!! I also take a potassium supplement, I just don't eat enough food that contains potassium and my podiatrist thought it best if I begin taking that as well if for no other reason than to supplement what I'm not eating.
Good Luck to you, hope that this helps.
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Wow! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I have had a very similar cramping issue for over 5 years now. My Doctors have absolutely NO idea why. Have you made any discoveries?
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I am 34 and have been having muscle spasms throughout my body.. from my neck to my feet.. you can see my muscles bunching in the top of my feet. It feels like the worst charley horses ever everywhere and then when they are finally done( which can be anywhere from a few hours to all day.. my body aches and hurts severely from the spasming muscles to the point of still not being able to function .. they are saying they think its myofascial pain syndrome.. but everything I read about it doesn't sound as severe painwise as what I feel I experience .. I have a 6 yr old daughter and a husband that I feel I let fown by my pain keeping me from doing most things.. I am currently on a handful of pills including percocet and ms-contin which tends to make me sleep.. I just want to be normal again.. this is affecting my marriage.. and my life ... I just dont know what to do anymorr...
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I'm 48 and have been suffering from these severe cramps,the way they move from one spot to another all over the body.  The pain is unreal to say the least.  I recently found through a sleep order test that my air way becomes constricted when i try to relax cutting off oxygen.  Muscles starved of oxygen will cramp up severely.  The cause is so slight and unnoticeable. a swallow or breath can open it back up and cause disappears that quickly.  I can be sitting watching tv thinking all is normal and out of the blue on my knees screaming.  I have to figure out from here what I can do to solve this problem,  May be a part of yours too  I started with foods and vitamins to improve oxygen absorption by the muscles.  I only know there has been a decrease in occurrences.  Its a start.  good luck  
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