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Severe Leg Pain

I have read all the posts and outside of the severe leg pain, I can't find anybody that has similar symptoms.  I get severe leg pain in my upper thigh area and hip.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 6 years ago, but I'm just not convinced.  I know this may sound crazy, but it seems that my legs start hurting when I get very stressed or upset.  For example, I had a horrible day yesterday, arguing with my husband, migraine and so on. I spent most of the day in tears.  Low and behold, by the time I went to bed my legs hurt so bad it almost put me back in tears! Nothing seems to make it better...or worse for that matter. I put a heating on my legs and that seems to help, but I think it's more of a distraction that reliefe because as soon as the heat it removed it hurts just as bad as ever.

Has anybody ever heard of such a thing?  Stress induced severe pain?  That just sounds crazy!

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I can't verify the stress angle, altho I ha ve a husband who is bipolar and terminal cancer. My leg pain goes from up in pelvic area to tops of feet. It is deep unrelenting aching with occasional hot poker stabs in different places. I have fibro, but this is easily 10x worse. It feels like a pillar of pain runnning dow the central leg, where u can't touch it. I wrap myself in heating pads. Oxycodone does very little-I can at least do a load of laundry. I worry about bone cancer. Good luck
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