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Severe Neuropathy - Genitofemerol & Ilioinguial nerve entrapment.

  I feb of 95' I had a Iniguinal Hernia repair. Since then I have been in chronic pain. I have been through many types of nerve blocks and a exploratory surgery. The nerve blocks seem to inflame the nerves. The surgery found that the genitofemoral and ilioinguial nerves were entraped. The surgical pathology report found segment of periphal nerve in its diagnosis. A few weeks later I started to have the same chronic pain. Pain meds and nerve meds have had some  effect, but souldn't be a long term solution. Got any suggestions where to go from here?
Thanks for your question.  It is not a simple situation to resolve.  Given
your current symptoms, it is very likely that the scar tissue and possible
adhesions from the prior surgeries are causing a re-entrapment of the nerves,
thus causing your pain symptoms.  A repeat surgical exploration is one of
the options, but there would be no garantee that scar tissue from a new
surgery would not cause the same symptoms some period of time down the
line.  It appears that you have already tried the reasonable conservative
measures without much success.  The person in the best position to critically
evaluate your options is your surgeon.  But if you are looking for a second
opinion, a neuro-surgeon specialized in peripheral nervous system would be
a good alternative.
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
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