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Severe Stomach Pains

Hey my name is toby, I am 19 years of age and come from england UK,

Basic Info

19 years old
6 FT

Basically for about two years now I have had serious stomach problems, every time I attempt to eat something immediately after I feel ridiculously sick ( not very often I actually end up throwing up ) but at that moment I feel so ill I can't actually move or anything, I always have to burp to try and make myself feel a little better, burping helps but only has a 1 minute effect then I will feel awe full again, I have been trying to deal with this for long now, but it is destroying my relationship with my girlfriend now, I have been with her for 2 and a half years we have been very happy but ever since my stomach has gotten so bad it has been hard to enjoy things such as having a laugh play flighting even sexual intercourse because even when I DON'T eat i still feel very sick often with strong stomach cramps as well as a burning sensation in my upper stomach.

Also in the mornings I often have diarrhoea and feel extraudenary sick which lately has started to ruin my university attendance as it stops me from going to classes and lectures when I feel this way, I am in pretty much constant pain,

It has also made me loose A LOT of weigh about 23kg and its starting to worry me because whatever I do, I CANNOT put on weight most days i skip food completely because I am so deeply terrified of eating which has obviously made me more cautious about what I eat, I also don't eat things that i believe may be out of date even tho it actually isn't.

I have become very paranoid about becoming ill and am terrified about throwing up its near enough a phobia.

It is starting to ruin my life, my relationship is starting to break because of it, I can't attend uni sometimes and am on the verge of getting kicked out as my attendance is very low because I don't want to have diarrhoea at uni, I can't go out to party because I am too scared to be sick in front of a large crowd

I have NOT been out partying in 2 years now and i haven't had a drip of alcohol either because I AM TERREFIED that if I did have a drink it would make me throw up,

I am desperate now and all i want is for this to stop i have even had thoughts about killing myself thats how bad it is and no one will listen no doctors will try and figure out what is wrong with me.

they have diagnosed me with IBS and closed my case but I MYSELF know it isn't because my syntomes aren't the same as IBS syntheses also many people have told me that IBS is a diagnose they make when they don't know what it is.

i hope someone will be able to help me because i really need help!

in advance thank you for the posts yet to come i appreciate every minute someone spends on trying to help me out a little!
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