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Severe headache

Posted By  CCF Neurosurgery MD on January 19, 1998 at 22:15:33:

In Reply to: Severe headache posted by Bobbieline Tendencia on January 18, 1998 at 13:30:30:

: I have been suffering from constant headaches for several months now. A few
  days ago I hurt my head at work when a cabinet door fell on my head. A day
  later my headache got worse. Every time I move my head it feels like something
  is trying to squeeze it. The pain is so intense that I couldn't move. Any
  slight movement of my head would produce this sharp pain. My doctor is scheduling
  me for an MRI but one thing I forgot to tell him was that about seven or eight years
  ago I had the very exact headache and it turned out that there was something
  wrong with my blood and that, including stress at work produced the headache.
  Could it be that I'm experiencing the same thing again? It's strange that
  not one of the doctors I've seen ever suggested to have lab work done on me.
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Dear Bobbieline Tendencia:
I am not exactly sure about the cause of your headache from which you suffered seven
or eight years ago. You have however mentioned that you had an abnormality with your
blood which seemed to make your headaches worse. This recent bout of headaches from
which you have been suffering does not typically fall within the realm of neurosurgical
problems unless the headache is being caused by a mass lesion that is occupying a certain
amount of space within your skull. Things of this nature could include tumors or a bleed.
Likely if your headache is related to a tumor, odds are that this tumor is of benign nature
and not malignant because of the length of time from which you have had this problem.
Bleeds can also present in varied forms but typically occur acutely in patients with either
aneurysms or high blood pressure.
Your headache from the general description that you provide may very well be either due to a
migraine type situation or simply related to tension type headaches and can be best addressed
seeing a neurologist.
Certainly anytime you have trauma involving the cranial vault, you should be assessed by a
qualified physician (surgeon) for any evidence of injury to the skull, brain and/or surrounding
membranes of the brain (also known as the meninges). In addition a thorough evaluation of your
neck should be done to rule out neck injury.
In any event I do think that imaging of the head (such as with a CT and/or an MRI) is a good idea.
I would also recommend that you mention to your physician the previous problems that you have had
as this might help him/her with solving this problem. You might also wish to obtain your previous
records if you had been treated by a different physician as this might provide valuable information
for you current doctor. Please remember that this information is simply intended for patient
education and by no means replaces a thorough evaluation by your physician.
Good Luck !

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