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Severe pain with MS?

  I have had severe back/leg pain for 16 mos. I have had several tests by many different kinds of physicians, and no one can find out what is wrong with me.  Along the way I have developed several other symptoms that seem like MS, from what I have researched on the web.  Flashing lights in eye with blind spots, numbness, tingling in hands and feet, bladder problems,
  some dizzyness and vertigo, sensory problems (thinking cars are moving when they are not, etc.) clumsiness, bumping into walls, etc.
  I am scheduled to see a neurologist in the near future.  I have gone to several MS websites and spoken to MS patients in chat rooms.  All of the symptoms seem to fit, with the exception of the EXCRUCIATING pain.  Some people with MS do say that they have pain, and some sites say 50% of MS patients have pain.  But they all report it as mild to moderate.  The pain I am in is excruciating.  I take 8 hydrocodone a day just to be able to move and this does not relieve all of the pain.
  My questions are in your experience with MS patients, do any of them report pain of this intensity?  Could the pain I am experiencing be because I have gone so long without any diagnosis and treatment?
  I will attempt to describe the pain, so you can relate to what I am saying.
  My back and legs hurt in a cramping, sort of "rubbery" way with a component of "hot and cold". Sort of so hot it is cold, or so cold it is hot (if that makes sense).
  I do want to tell you that you have helped me to hang on here with the answers you have provided.  Last week I was at the end of my endurance and someone answered me and encouraged me to keep on.  I really appreciate that more than I can express.
  Thank you
Thanks for the question and keep up the good fight. We all need alittle encouragment now and again. I agree that your pain seems high for a patient with MS. Often if patients get into problems with alot of spasticity they have more pain but that would seem unlikely for you. Some patients do develop nerve type pain called Lhermittes phenomena which is usually a brief electric type pain due to spinal cord irritation. Some patients also suffer from fibromyalgia and have pain related to that and not their MS. I think it is a good idea that you are seeing the neurologist. Best of luck and hang in there.
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