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Severe symptoms - clear MRI

  I have had the following symptoms for four years.
  Swallowing difficulty which my doctor tells me is neurological malfunction at the higher end of the esophegus, I aspirate frequently. Muscle spasms. Pain. Blurred vision. Purpura (large bruising) on legs. Unsteadiness of gait.
  So far normal MRI and Flair MRI, no signs of lesions anywhere on CNS.
  Elevated ANA. Negative Lyme titer.
  Is it possible to have Multiple Sclerosis with all these symptoms and to have a clear MRI after this period of time. Can MS be ruled out with this array of symptoms and clear MRI. Also could the bruising suggest a form of vasculitis which would lead to Lupus.
I think MS is an unlikely diagnosis, pain is a rare presenting feature with
MS, purpura / bruising have no part in the syndrome, muscle spasms are
uncharacteristic and swallowing problems are also very rare as a
presenting symptom.
On top of all of this you have no lesions on the MRI scan, so while I
am not prepared to " rule out " anything on the basis of a few sentences
over the internet, it seems highly unlikely to me.
Vasculitis is a possibility but there are many different types of
vasculitis , lupus is only one of them and one does not lead to another.
Since this is an area in which you do have some positive findings, namely
a symptom ( purpura which is associated with autoimmune disorders ), and
and a positive ANA, I would suggest that the specialty you should consult
is rheumatology, since there are indications that this is where the
problem lies, at this point your central nervous system seems not to be
the primary site of the problem.

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