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Sex/Stress/Hopefully Nothing Serious Headaches

I just turned 24 years old and on my birthday I started getting these headaches. There a throbbing headache on both sides of my head. I never get headaches so I really have nothing to compare them to, but I can say there one of the worst pains I have ever felt. I usually get them when I am just about to orgasm or when I'm lifting weights at the gym. One night I was awoken by these headaches in which made me concerned enough to go get a CT Scan of my brain.  I don't have medical insurance so I try to be very cautious with seeking any medicial attention due to the fact of not having the ability to afford it. I passed all neuro tests and my CT Scan was fine. The doctor mentioned that it might be from stress or lack of sleep.

I'm 6' 6" and 304 pounds. Ive lost 35 pounds in the past year and plan on losing more if these headaches manage to go away. I smoke about a pack of cigarettes a day and plan on quitting within the next month. I just recently (2 weeks ago) quit smoking marijuana, in which I was smoking about 3 grams of high grade everyday. I am a casual drinker and maybe will have one or two drinks on the weekend. As for prescription medication I am currently taking Comidin 7.5 mg everyday and a Pro Air HFA Inhaler. I am taking the Comidin from a pulmonary embolism I had when I was 19. I was a heavy drug user at that time and have been clean of all heavy drugs since that dreadful experience. Since that time I have not had a blood clot nor any severe problems. My blood pressure is perfect and my diet is lacking. I plan on starting a stricter diet for myself in the upcoming months. My girlfriend is trying to get me to agree to a Raw Food Diet. If these headaches don't go away, I am willing to change my life as much as I can to fix this problem.

At my age I believe I see more stress than the average individual. I run my own graphic design business so I spend about 10 hours a day on a computer everyday. My father passed away 2 months ago due to being overweight and unhealthy. My mother is one of the most stressed out people I have ever encountered and she definitely brings a lot of unnecessary stress onto myself. I recently was given a puppy which has been affecting any sleep I might be getting. I haven't taken a vacation in a while and had to cancel my trip to Vegas due to fact of these headaches. The doctor said it might not be smart for me to fly at this moment. When these headaches did begin my mother was spending the week with me at my house and there was no escaping her while she was here. I don't know if this helps but the weather has been changing recently and the humidity has been bouncing back and forth. My neighbors also been mentioning headaches so I wonder if it could be something in the water or the buildings we live in themselves.

I am pretty sure from just the look of these post this has stress written all over it. Does anyone have any suggestions in regards of dealing with these headaches. They are affecting my work and love life and making me miserable. Please help.
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