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My daughter of 1 year of age has the history of neonatal seziures.
when she was 7th day baby, she had an jerk and doctor prescribed the Gardinal 30Mg (phenobarbitone tablets i.p) for three months, she was fine till 7 months.
Later in the seventh month she had a high fever as well got the seziures back (she used to bend her neck front as well her both arms) . Then doctor examined with EEG and blood report, came to conclusion as MYOCLONIC seziures and prescribed VALPARIN 200(sodium valproate oral solution i.p) , B Long (yridoxine sustained release tablets) and B-complex with vitamin c syrup called Becosules.
she was fine and normal had two or three jerks,then as a routine check up in the 11th month, doctor prescribed to continue with the VALPARIN and NORMA BRAIN (2-pyrrolidone Acetamide Syrup) as new one instead of Blong and becosules.
Until 11 and half month is was fine then suddenly she started to get the seziures continously for 10 to 20 times a day..(she use to lift her left shoulder and use to bend her neck front for 2 to 3 sec).
Now she is of 12 months old, doctor has told not to use NORMABRAIN  and to continue with the Valprin,Blong and becosules as the earlier one.
i would like to know what has been the cause is this because of change in the syrup of Norma brain.
As well is there any permanent cure for this. can u please suggest..

Thanking you,

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How is your daughter doing now?
I think she has been given revised dose of same medicine.
Permanent solution for intractable seizures is surgery.
Vagus nerve stimulation also causes decrease in frequency of seizures.
You need to discuss with your neurologist for best possible option for your child.
Hope this helps.
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she is doing fine now. once in a day she gets jerks. she is recovering.
thanx for your suggestions.
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Please keep me informed about any further developments.
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daughter is fine now, still she is recovering.. but iam going for a second opinion.
after that i will futher inform the developments.

Thanking you,
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I feel bad to tell that my daughter again started to get the severe jerks on 14th to till today..
She gets around 10 times per day. Again we did video EEG which says mildly abnormal with general seizures, We tested her for MRI but the result has come good normal.
Neurologist has perscribed the injection ACTH , valparin, Topamac. as well saying that valparin is not working for her.
I heard from physician that three are around 35 types myclonic seziures..Its hard to find the exact one. Is this true.
As well is ACTH injection is harmful for her development. Pls. Advice.....
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Hi Ravikanth,
I feel sorry to hear that she is getting those episodes again.
What is the type of seizures she is getting now? What is the type of jerk's that she is getting? Video EEG suggesting that she has abnormal rhythm with generalized seizures suggests that we need to revise her anti-epileptics. It’s good that her MRI is normal suggesting that she does not have any structural abnormality.
Myoclonic epilepsies include a heterogeneous group of conditions with multiple causes and variable outcomes.
At least five distinct sub-groupings have been identified; these represent the broad spectrum of Myoclonic epilepsies in pediatric population.
Adreno-corticotropic hormone suppresses the metabolism and secretion of Corticotrophin-releasing hormone by a feedback mechanism. CRH is responsible for brain hyper excitability.
Prednisone is equally effective in controlling infantile spasm.
The response to medication is usually apparent within a few weeks of therapy, but one third of patients who respond suffer a relapse when ACTH or prednisone is discontinued.
What regimen of ACTH the doctor has prescribed?
Keep me informed.
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