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Shingles without much rash?

In shingles, is there always a rash?  And are there very mild rashes sometimes, but considerable pain?  I have been having pain, sharp and stabbing sometimes, but skin that feels like it is burned.  I have a few small blisters on my back under the shoulder blade, then one under my right breast, and one on my nipple.  They have been there for about a week, and are itchy, sore and red at times.  But I am having pain that comes and goes in the band between the back and around to the breast.  Could this be shingles?  
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I have been diagnosed with shingles since 2006 and it has developed into postherpetic neuralgia.  this does not always happen but what you are describing certainly sounds like most of the symptoms that i have.  please check with your family doctor asap as this could develop into phn.  hope this helps
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I'm confused by your reply, is your rash (or lack thereof) similar to eyewear2 or do you have the more classic rash? I was under impression that one needed a more classic rash to be diagnosed with shingles.
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I went to the ER for Kidney stones and left with a red burning bumps on my right upper back n right lower front stomach. It has been a week now and it spread just a tiny bit. Some are tiny some are ncikel sizes. No blisters.
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sorry meant to write Hello. New here so I dont know how to fix it
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You should've gone back to the ER.  I've actually had Shingles without rash at all.  I also had it the first time with just the smallest start of a burning rash.  The doctor took one look at it and I was told that it was a good thing I noticed this in the shower like I did.  He told me that if I had waited just one day, the rash would've been more than just that isolated patch I found as soon as the water hit me.  I was put on antiviral and antibiotics, which is the usual protocol.  The other time I felt the burning, but there was nothing visible, but since it was in the same place, the doctors decided to exercise caution and prescribed the antiviral and antibiotics, too.  This time it was that Valtrex you would've seen the commercials for.  Valtrex bothered my stomach a little bit, but I told myself that it was better than breaking out with the full on shingles rash.

I never got the rash as bad as so many do, but probably for two reasons:  It was caught early and I only had a very mild case of the chicken pox when I was a baby.  I don't remember the chicken pox, but I still have the scar on my abdomen from one of the pox.

I don't know if it's too late for antivirals for you now or not, but you should not sit back and suffer without seeing a doctor for this.  Keep in mind that Valtrex might upset your stomach, like it did with me.  But, as Shingles is caused by a type of herpes virus, then it makes sense why the antiviral for herpes is used for the initial outbreak to nip it in the bud.
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