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Short term Memory Difficulties

Dear Experts,
I have some questions regarding recent Happening with my 62 year old mother.

She was 100% normal physically and mentally, yesterday when I woke up I found her sleeping, this was unusual, it only happened in her life when she is having fever etc. She was not having temperature then, I left for my office and in evening all was okay, I didn't find anything unusual except she was not interested to ask me for dinner but she was calm then.
Today, again she didn't wake up in her usual time, lately she woke up and when I talked with her she was unable to answer me properly, she was having difficulties in short term memory, she was unable to tell me whether it is morning or night, I asked her what time is it she said its night, I asked then why there's sunlight if it is night then she get confused and said i dont know may be its evening.
I was writing something and she said it will automatically come in my cell phone, I asked how then she replied that as before everything comes in like photos.
I asked why you have not woke me up? Firstly she said I did, when I argued then she said because its holyday.
But still she is having perfect long term memory, I asked where is my jacket that I bought a week ago and she immediately correctly replied.
What I understand is her long term memory is 100% okay but she is unable to explain present. Even when I asked her that what happened to you then she confused and said I don't know what? She is realizing that something is wrong with her memory.

I am just taking her to visit neurological clinic . I would be thankful for any expert help.

Please note all this happened is sudden, within 2 days.

Thanks in advance.

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Sudden change of this character suggests to me she may have experienced a stroke (from which she may slowly recover, or not).  Her doctor may suggest she takes a 1/4 aspirin a day or some other blood thinner to help reduce the likelihood of further strokes.  General physical activity may be helpful if she's safely able to manage that (falling is often the Big Risk -- does she use a walker, to get around safely?).

(my mother experienced mini-stroke dementia and I found that not only aspirin but also using sub-lingual methyl-B12 tablets held until dissolved under the tongue had a good result)
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Thank you for your reply,

She walks without any support, she seems normal with only reduced working memory now. Quieter than before and having less interest in activities than before. She does not have problem in eating, walking and performing other physical activities.  
The only difficulty she is facing is that she is having problems in understanding present.
By the passage of time she is getting improvement. Some medical reports are still awaited.

Thanks again.

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Its been over a week, yesterday the Hospital discharged her saying we are unable to diagnose after seeing reports like EEG etc. They are just giving medicine to treat suspected virus if any, Three Neurologist failed to diagnose.
Three days before, in hospital in front of the doctor her lower limb freezed for a minute when she tried to move and she was unable to talk while in that condition. This happened 3 times in 3 days.

She speaks nonfactual. Illogical, when she speaks at her own. But when we ask something, she answers the things better.

No stroke symptoms found.

Can anyone suggest from where I can get expert's opinion on-line? I can send scans of all reports and tests.

By the way I am from Pakistan.

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Of course, you could return to the neuralogical at some near future point, especially if any new symptoms appear, to retry getting her assessed and the outcome may be different. (1) Does your mother take prescription medications?  If so, which ones and at what dosages?

(2) Before her incident, had she recently ingested a food that might have had a toxic effect on her brain?  (eg. seafood such as shellfish that might have been contaminated)

While I don't doubt there are experts of that character online somewhere, I doubt:  their credibility, and, if they were credible they're at a noted handicap being unable to directly examine your mother or readily order follow-up tests.

(3) Is there not another doctor or medical facility within manageable travelling distance that you might try?  I don't think your mother's condition is necessarily neurological, it may simply be transitory stroke damage.  

(4) What homecare and over the counter remedies are you presently encouraging your mother to try?  

(5) Have you obtained a copy of her test results?  So that you can more readily consult a local medical expert for a second opinon to review the results and perhaps suggests a treatment plan or steps to help prevent a recurrence.
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