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Short term memory loss

My 18 year old daughter came out of the shower last night saying she felt weird and couldn't remember anything. She forgot what day it was and she forgot she had graduated high school last weekend. She even asked if she had school tomorrow. She began to get upset wandering what is wrong with her. This has happened 2 times before but years ago. We did talk to her doctor and they felt it was lack of sleep and hormones. This time scares me because she had plenty of sleep and no stress from school. Each times this happens, it seems that heat is possibly a factor also. She had been on a hot school bus the first time and each of the last times, she had been in the shower. She had been on the computer all day working on some college prep items. My wife and I feel this played a part in it and maybe a hormone imbalance. She regained all memory within 15 minutes and went to bed soon after. She was very frighten and scared, as were we. Should we request that she be seen by a specialist or just figure it was just a hormone imbalance and not scare her anymore.
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It sounds to me like simple heat exhaustion, which temporary memory loss can be a part of that.  The way to prevent it from happening again is to ask your daughter to drink extra water, like every time she is in the bathroom, to drink a glass of water.  Also, she should be put on a quality multivitamin and mineral supplement, which if a person gets dehydrated, they'll also tend to lose their electrolyte balance.  And no more hot showers!  
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PLEASE, PLEASE request to have her be seen by a specialist.  I cannot imagine this is just a "hormones and lack of sleep" issue.  Sounds like some type of seizure. Request a Neurology consult.  I know, you may think, a seizure?  There are different types other than the one when a person is having a "fit" on the floor.    

Secondly, any labs and/or tests ordered by the Family Physician/PCP?  One cannot say it is a hormone imbalance without some lab or labs proving this otherwise he/she is just guessing.  

Lastly, please push for a specialist so you all can get answers and sort this out for your daughter.  
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This is something that should be addressed by a visit to the emergency room.

It is absolutely impossible to make a diagnosis through an internet bulleten board.

The possibilities range from simple exhaustion to a brain tumor.

Fortunately modern medicine has the MRI, which inexpensively and accurately images the brain to rule out possible problems.

While the chances are this is not serious, there is no percentage in taking a chance.

This sounds like what is called a petit mal seizure.

In any event, it is something that requires immediate attention by an in-person evaluation by an M.D. and a neurologist.
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Me again.  Since I posted, I have done nothing but worry about going along with heat exhaustion, altho I imagine this is the case.  But as the other two have said, better safe than sorry, and I DO think it's rather unusual for an 18-year-old to get so hot from just a shower that she'd lose her sense of reality for ANY length of time...unless she's terrible about drinking plenty of water.  Still, I'm with the others, get her to a doc as soon as you can, I should have added that to what I said.  GG
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Hi, Thank you very much for your question; although it is quite difficult for me to give you a precise diagnosis here without being able to examine you, though I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. You need a proper assessment and investigation here since there can be many causes for memory loss & concentration impairment. Most common causes of short term memory and concentration impairment are excessive stress, psychological reason, recent head injury, certain medications, hormonal imbalance and Alzheimer’s disease (if you are in old age). I would recommend you to see a neurologist who can evaluate the details of your case and could better determine the insight of your situation. In the meantime, try to do some meditation exercises (eg. breathing exercises), have a balanced diet and avoid stress. Hope this helps. Take Care & Regards.
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