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Shoulder Pain

Hi there,

I've been searching the internet for answers to my problem (which is never a good idea as it's always read to be worse than it normally is!). Basically I've had on and off sharp pains in my left shoulder, normally when lifting it to some sort of height or if i jolt. When these pains happen I feel slightly nauseous, lightheaded and dizzy.
When keeping my arm still or trying to keep the movement limited my arm feels heavy and aches (similar to the feeling of doing weights the day before) and also a slight pins and needles feeling in my hand on the same arm as well as in my shoulder vaguely.

I should probably mention that I haven't had any pain like this before, I'm 20 years old and I'm a swimmer (have been since the age of 7) and I now play waterpolo, so this probably will have some influence into how I've done this but after researching problems related to them sports in shoulders none of them match my symptoms.

Really hope anyone can help me out.

Thanks Lauren
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Hi, I have similar pain but right side. what was the diagnosis in your case?
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Some of your symptoms are from your shoulder (pain) and some are from your neck (pins & needles). Swimming and water polo are really tough on good shoulders. After swimming most of your life, you could have developed some pretty bad motor patterns, ie using the wrong muscles to make movement occur. You will need to see a good sports medicine doc for an evaluation but the key to your recovery is going to be finding a good physical therapist or athletic trainer with experience in manual therapy and shoulder rehabilitation. You will need some mobilization of your neck and strengthening exercises for your shoulder.
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Hi, Lauren
Sounds like you've hurt yourself either swimming or playing water polo. Why don't you go to the doc, who has spent half his/her life studying bodies and see what he/she says? Why are you driving yourself crazy all over the internet? Please, please go tomorrow. I've just said this to someone else: Pretend you're the customer and you're going to the doc shop. You wouldn't do this to your car, would you? Well, don't do it to yourself! I'm sure, once diagnosed, you will be well on the way to recovery. Go tomorrow and stop being so stubborn! Good Luck.
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