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Side Effects from an EMG test?

I took an EMG test on April 14 because my doctor thought that I had carpul tunnel syndrome. But actually the result came out normal. My doctor didn't think that the result would be normal so she told me that she couldn't think of anything but anxiety that might have been causing the constant numbness in my right thumb. She explained to me that maybe when I was typing, I was too stressed so I had been feeilng/imagining the numbess in my thumb. Well, actually I could't believe what she said and asked her how she could explain about the sharp pain in my left arm and some tendon or something in my left arm was being pulled in my left arm. She responded to me that anything could be possible if I had anxiety. So I couldn't tell her about the tingling and burning sensation and the pain that I had felt in my legs because I thought that she would just tell me that that was from anxiety.

Anyway, it's been more than a month since I had my EMG test done. And I kinda realized that the nerve that the neurologist zapped in my arms hurt. And also I realized that my legs started having a pain and other symptoms after I took the test. Actually two days afer I took the test, my left leg strated hurting and later my right leg started hurting also. In the beginning, I had a lot of tingling in my legs and feet and I had a sharp pain from time to time and I felt some tendon or something in my legs was being pulled. And also my knees were popping too much. My husband heard the popping so he told me not to excercise too much so I kinda stopped excercising. And these days, I couldn't walk normally because some tendon or something in the back and/or outside of my knees has a tendency to be pulled so many times within a day, and also I have this weird burining in my ankles which hurts when I walk. And I feel like hundreds of needles are barely touching the entire legs that is very annoying. And other than just legs, I feel the similar symptoms in my hands. And my right thumb is still numb. Well, it's partially numb and sometimes I feel a sharp pain. It's actually more than two month since my right thumb strated feeling numb. And also the symptoms appear so strongly especially  when I am taking a shower and also after I take a shower. Usually I get a lot of tingling in my legs when I am taking a hot shower.

Anyway, I really don't know why I have these symptoms especially in my legs. But my legs strated hurting after I took the EMG test. Do you think this might be the side effects from the test? Or is it possible that the neurologist might damage my nerve that somehow led to the pain in my legs? Or Do you think this is just a coincidence that I might have some kind of disorder?
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Hi, it is unlikely to be related with EMG. For more information regarding EMG visit

As far as generalized tingling is concerned it may be due to anxiety disorder, low calcium level, neuropathy, vitamin B deficiency, multiple sclerosis, TIA etc.

Tests that may be done include:
•Blood tests such as CBC, electrolytes, thyroid function tests, and vitamin levels
•Imaging studies like a CT scan of the head, CT scan of the spine, MRI of the head, or MRI of the spine
•Electromyography and nerve conduction studies to measure how your muscles respond to nerve stimulation
•X-ray of the affected area
•Lumbar puncture to rule out central nervous system disorders
•Ultrasound of neck vessels to determine your risk for TIA or stroke

Taken from website http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003206.htm
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On Feburary of last year I also had an EMG test. The pain that I experienced was so severe after I  was zapped so hard behind my knee. I had to undergo surgery last week after an MRI revealed that a ligament of my left knee was torned. Why do doctors still send their patients to do this test? I had absolutely nothing on my knee before that EMG test.
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I also had an EMG test done a couple months ago on my right arm, for carpul tunnel,but it is weird ...my left hand has almost constand pins and needle in it I had a severve spinal injury in 93 with neck fusion, doc told me spinal nerve was bad,all I wanted to do was to relieve the pain in my wrist from having carpul tunnel sooo long,now this it is scary. Any answers...
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I have had EMG test several times and have always had problems from them.
One test on my neck and arms left me with shooting pain through my head which lasted for 3 months  and my left arm from the elbow  to left wrist very painful for months. Recently they gave me another test and now my right wrist and thumb is so painful, I am in tears..  No doctor can  tell me that theses test do not do damage..I  am living the pain and know it is from the test done  which was unnecessary..    Many people have had bad results from these test..True maybe it is rare but, does happen.. I will never allow another of  these test done to me for any reason..
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I had a test but it didn't affect me for several months later, and I have a burning, and needles, feeling on the side of my right upper leg, with a big bump mass that hurts all the time.

My neurologist retired., and I am looking for one.  However, I just started having pain when I even walked anywhere and now it is constant pain worse with walking, or even standing.
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I had an EMG today and stopped the procedure due to the fact it was uncomfortable and painful.  Why is this procedure even on the market?
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I had an EMG test 3 months ago to test for nerve damage associated with post polio syndrome.  Ever since the EMG test my leg is very fatigued and aches all the time. It seems that the EMG test did something to my leg that wasn't present before the test.
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I just had an EMG/NCV test on my upper extrimities on my hands done yesterday to rule out if I have a CRPS or RSD or any nerve damage I have? During the test my dr shock me about 20 times it was very painful, I told him that and he just ignores me and my pain and continuing doing his thing, saying we are almost done. After the test he said everything looks normal and there is a small chance that you have a CRPS few symptoms. I left and went home very sore, during the night I can't sleep because of the pain in my arms and my brain. I woke up in the morning and still left side of my had and brains hurts allot, so on my left hand when he was testing it, he apply heavy electric shocks I was screaming, so I am thinking something went wrong at that time and now my head hurts allot. I don't know what to do now? I will never take any more tests like this again, people be aware it's rarely shows anything.

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I would like tofind out if three phase bone scan will show CRPS? I read it
's rare shows anything, but it will damage your body and cells? I have allergy severe reaction to the conthrast dye and nuclear medicine so I can't take this test, is there any other tests that I can take instead?

Thank you,
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I too have post polio and had the emg for my arms. Result carpal tunnel both wrists (use crutches). Now both arms ache. Are you still having issues from the test?
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EMG testing can only test the nerve reactions and electrical impulses sent throughout the body. I to recently had two tests done. First test was on my upper body which was to determine if there is any nerve damage or nerve misfirings stemming from my neck that may be the cause of pain, numbness, and all around loss of function of my hands. After the test i was told that the doctors preliminary findings was that there was no nerve damage coming from my neck. Everything seemed ti be firing as it should. During the weekend that followed I experienced minor soreness in my arms and shoulders. This pain was not severe enough as to say I could not bare it. On the Monday that followed the first test  I went in for a lower body EMG which was to determine if nerve issues stemming from possible pinched nerves in my lower back was the cause of my feet often becoming numb to the point of not being able to stand. The doctors preliminary opinion was the same that everything seemed to be firing just fine. Following the test I experienced minor pains where the needles had been inserted and the small shocks had been administered. That evening a few hours after I started having quite sharp pains in my left leg which were beyond minor discomfort. Prior to the end of the evening I noticed that my left leg below the knee was disturbingly swollen. Somehow I managed to sleep a few hours despite the pain I was experiencing. I woke in the morning to find that my lower left leg was still swollen and I was unable to bend my knee. Hours later for I attempted to possibly "rub out" the pain. As I first touched my left calve I knew something was wrong due to the fact that it was cold to the touch and rock hard and it should have been relaxed as I was applying no pressure to it. I've tried applying heat and massage but it still remains as if it's under pressure and the pain is rather unbearable, so much so that I can't bare to hardly walk on it.
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I had an EMG test done on my right leg today to find out if the pain and numbness and burning/tingling feeling is due to the issues with my back. I have already had two procedures done on my back with more to have and those were pretty painful. The physician who did the test said its not as bad as you were told. Well she was wrong. The test was painful and right after i have been experiencing more pain in my leg than what i came in with and now it has gotten worse and i feel like she may have hit something in my leg, as well as a part in my lower back that she did as well. anyone else experience this?
I had an EMG on the left arm to check to see if I have carpel tunnel. The test confirmed that I do and I got through the test just fine. However, the next morning I wike with a burning painin my shoulder. It is now 3 days later and it is still very painful. Advil, Tylenol, heat, cold compress or pain ointments do not help.
I am unable to sleep, put my arm above my head and clothing touching the area is uncomfortable.
Nurse had no suggestions and felt it would get better on its own.
Any one else experience this after the procedure?
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I had emg, Doctor never told me it was emg,now already having stiff arm now both arms spass and right leg stiff since Aug now July caused a handicap!
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Hi today I am having pain in both of my legs especially in the back of my knee. If feels as though I'm getting a Charlie horse or some type of spasms. I had a EMG in my arms yesterday. As a matter fact I'm also having some discomfort in my ear on the side where they inserted the needles. It feels as though my ear is going to pop it is is throbbing at times. Once again the symptoms appear after the day I took it EMG. The EMG was also very uncomfortable and painful at times. I took the EMG Jill to numbness tingling pain weakness and spasms in bilateral upper extremity's. The symptoms appeared after a major motor vehicle accident I was hit in the road back from a drunk driver.
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