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Simple Partial Seizures or Alice In Wonderland Syndrome?

My 7 year old son had strep throat and was very sick. He woke up, an hour after taking Kflex (his fever broke from 102 to 99.4 during the same hour) totally delusional. The first delusion lasted 10 minutes.  The second happened after the second dose of Kflex and also about the same time his fever broke and lasted 25min.  The Dr. thought the delusions(hearing voices, things looked like they were moving fast, fear,unreality) were fever related. He changed his med to Omnisef, did a neurlogical exam, which was normal, and told me if he had any more delusions to take him to the ER. He continued to get worse,fever was going up, throat worse, vomiting etc on the fourth day he had another delusion not as bad as the first but we took him to the ER. They were concerned he didn't have strep and were very surprised his culture came back positive for strep. His neuro exam was normal, alert, no stiff neck. They felt the delusions were also fever related, but totally changed his med. to Azithromax to be safe. The delusions continued but not as bad on the Azithromax.  He finally got better,fever broke for good etc but the delusions have continued 1-2 aday even though he has been fever free for 10 days. They happened when I woke him up from a nap, during a car ride, at night upon falling asleep and once when he was reading some books at the table.  They also have happened at school twice this week.  He hears voices like in a Mall or someone yelling, and things look far away or tiny. One episode at school he said his hand and pencil felt like a brick. The one he had today only had the voices and he felt he was shaking inside his body. They last 4-5 minutes. My concern was that he was having simple partial seizures.  His sister had a complex frebile seizure( lasted 25 minutes) when she was sick once. She has also had an unfamiliar feeling before when tired or stressed. (not knowing who I am or where she is when home) She had an EEG which was normal and she seems to have grown out of it.  My son saw the neurologist and the DR doesn't think my son is having seizures but is going to do an EEG to make sure.  He thinks he has Alice in Wonderlnd Syndrome, which I am familiar with because when I first heard of it I thought that was what my older adult son and my two brothers had when they were growing up.  They seemed to out grow it.  They said when they were tired things would look far away or close up.  The problem is my 7 year old's symptoms are much worse than theirs, they never heard voices or had them during the day.  The neurologist is hoping the episodes will go away on their own if they're AIWS.  I'm not sure what to think.  I'm still think they may be simple partial seizures maybe that's what my other family members had too. How can you tell the difference between simple partial seizure (sensory ones) and Alice in Wonderlnd Syndrome the discriptions are so similar???? Please Help with any info I feel so sorry for the little guy!!
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Hey I was wondering if you ever came to any conclusion on SPS or AIWS??  I'm going through the exact situation.  Next step seeing peds neurologist.  I too am wondering about SPS??  I'm certain it's AIWS but the cause is what I'm concerned about. I'm just worried my daughter's having seizures and if so it's not good for her brain!!  So waiting for referral. Any update from your situation might be helpful?  Thanks
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