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Sister with mental illness/suicide risk!/is there a surgical option?

I need help for my sister and I feel overwhelmed by where to start to look for help.  She is 33 years old and has a COMBINATION of mental issues: severe depression, OCD, paranoia, severe anxiety, social anxiety/social disfunction, emotionally disturbed.  She is very intelligent and also brave for admitting all this.  I am afraid she might be at the point of suicide.  She wants to live but cannot live with the mental illness inside her head anymore, she says.  She has even said she wants a lobatomy.  She has quite a history of taking medicines, seeing various types of doctors and even DWI's.  Her behavior is so abnormal that no one wants to be around her.  She knows she is totally alone in this world and that no one wants to be around her.  Knowing this is destroying her.

The situation has started to seem so hopeless that I'm hoping to find a doctor out there who knows about a possible brain surgury solution.  Is there a specific part of the brain that can be identified that controls all these problems that my sister has?  Can you tell me the names of doctors who are involved in work/research on patients like my sister?  We will go anywhere in the country to meet a doctor who performs brain surgury for patients with such conditions.
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My heart goes out to you for your sister and your terror regarding her future.  I'm not sure anyone here can answer such a serious question.  There is another forum here on MedHelp called Mental Health.  The doctor there seems to respond very promptly.  Maybe you could get you question in there.

This forum is not monitored by any of the physicians.

My strongest hopes for you and your sister, Quix
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If you think she might be a risk to hurt herself. Call your local hospital emergency room ASAP.

I wish you all the best and dont give up!
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Cry for help,

Does your sister see a psychiatrist/psychologist regularly?  You mentioned meds, but has she tried all the different ones available to treat OCD and social anxiety (as well as depression)?  If one doesn't work then she should try another.  Your sister has many of the same issues that I have/had my entire life (minus the paranoia and drinking problem).  I had ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) on two different occasions in the '80s and this does help a lot of people who have major depression when no drug is found to be effective.  I can tell you more about what the treatments are like if you are interested (not easy to forget it even though memory is transiently somewhat affected).  Her drinking probably is a result of her social phobia and depression (lots of people dxd with social anxiety disorder drink because of isolation and loneliness).  The MAO inhibitors are supposed to be especially effective (treatment of choice?) from what I have read for treating social anxiety disorder, but she absolutely could not drink if she went on one of those--or it could kill her.  She might not look to alcohol if her other problems were adequately treated, though.  Of course if she is drinking a lot, I don't know how safe it would be to try all the other drugs, either (even the non-MAOIs).  Do go over to the anxiety/mental health forum as suggested above to see if there is anyone who can relate or what the doctor there has to say.  
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Is there something wrong with this website?  I posted yesteday about:

Sister with mental illness/suicide risk!/is there a surgical option?

Today I checked it and it says there are 3 comments.  I cannot access these comments to read them!  I click on all the other posts and the comments are right there below the original post, but there is nothing with my post.  I want to read what the people had to say about my post.  

Please, someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong.

Cry for help
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