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Siunus infection to Meningitis?

    For 3 months now I have been felling dizzy, confused, tierd and an all over ill feeling.  It took me a month to discover that I have a sinus infection.  At least I think that is what it is.  It hasn't been confirmed by an xray, (can't afford one) so at times I worry I could have something eles being that I have never been sick before for such a long period of time.  I have seen a few Dr.s and they don't inform me of much. They have given me antibiotics and they haven't worked at all.  Now looking back over the past couple of years I wonder If I had been haveing sinus infections and didn't realize it.  I had my wisdon teeth pulled thinking they were hurting even though the dentist told me I should not be haveing pain from my teeth from the exrays.  So now I am worried that this infection could have been with me for quite some time.  I just recently have access to the internet and am amazed at the information I have been finding on the subject.  I just learned that a chronic sinus infection could cause menigitis.  The symptoms of menigitis sound closely to  what I am experiencing....the confusion, and ill feeling.  Now I am very worried that I may have this and I'm not sure what to do to find out.  I've never thought about being sick so I have no health insurance and these test cost so much that I can't afford to take the wrong test or see the wrong Dr.  If you could please tell me how to affordably  find out if I need to worry about menigits, what test I should take and where I could find a Dr. that actually listens to me.  Any andvise will be helpful, for as of now I am realy frightened and at a complete loss of what to do.  thank you very much for your help.  Julee
Thanks for your question.  The symptoms of meningitis extends much further
than just the confusion, fatigue, dizzyness that you are currently describing.
It would involve severe fever, strong headache, nuchal rigidity, and you
would be so ill that it is very unlikely you would be able to be sending
out your message on a computer keyboard, or reading my reply.  On the other
hand, a chronic, lingering sinus infection/inflammation can indeed cause
all your symptoms are not progress much further.  A chronic sinus infection
requires a thorough medical investigation/evaluation and not just some
antibiotic prescriptions.  Because, often there is an anatomical/structural
reason for the persistence of the process, such as obstruction of the
draining ducts from the sinus, or severely scarred/inflammed sinus mucosas
that might benefit from a surgical intervention.  Although acute sinusitis
usually presents with fever, headache, constant foul nasal discharge, these
symptoms might be absent in a chronic process.  A CT of the sinuses would
quickly clarify the diagnosis.  If you are seeking a second opinion, an
ENT surgeon (Ear, Nose, Throat) would be a good option.
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
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