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Skin Biopsy for small fiber neuropathy

Hello, I have been suffering from burning and tingling sensations in my back, calves, and forearms for the past ten years.  I have never received a diagnosis, however recently a neurologist recommended a skin biopsy be peformed to look for small fiber neuropathy.  Apparently from what I  have read this is a new procedure that only a few doctors perform.  I have Kaiser insurance and have and struggling finding a doctor who is knowledgeable conducting the skin biospy.  I was wondering if anyone was familar with this procedure and new of any doctors that could perform this procedure in the southern California or entire California area.  I know there are some skilled doctors at John Hopkins with the area of Neuropathy and the Clevland clinic.  Thanks for reading. Shane
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I have had tingling, abnormal sensations for 7 yrs. now.  Started after a case of some strong virus from a third world country.  some doctors looked at me like I was crazy and I knew that I wasn't.  My small fiber neuropathy started in my face and worked it's way down to the tips of my toes, my whole body has it and it also effected some parts of my autonomic nervous system  - I have 50% sweat loss of my body - lightheadedness - this also changed the way my submucosal glands produce the mucous in my sinuses and nose.  My doctor did a skin biopsy on my face and also on my calf.  The results were - quote on quote :  Very facinating biopsy, you have a very, very rare type of neuropathy but the nerves look like they are trying to regenerate- so there is still hope for you , but it could take years and years for your nerves to improve or regenerate as they regenerate ver, very, slowly.  He started me on human immune globulin subcutaneous injections over a 2 hours period every week , I do them at home to myself every week. He ordered this for a whole year.  I have been on it now for 3 months and I don't notice any improvement as of yet.  Doctor said it would be a long slow process.  I have had this for 7 yrs. now and I really don't have much hoope for myself - maybe if I had a doctor 6 yrs. ago that would have believed me or treated me earlier- there might have been a little better out look for me.  My facial neuropathy is the worst for me, the abnormal sensations I feel are like water running under my skin tissues.  In the beginning I had the pricking, tingling, buzzing, crawling sensations  then the abnormal sensations were really strong on my face and still are.  My neurologist had a dermatologist perform the biopsies so I wouldn't have a scar on my face but the neurologist read the results. I feel like I don't want to just be treated for the symptoms- as none of the medications never really worked for me - I just want to be like I was 7 yrs. ago again.  I tell my husband  that my life really ended at age 45 yrs old.  He can't understand as he does not live in my body. It was his idea to go to this third world country and I guess I blame him in a way. - as I was so very healthy until then.  my doctor said those viruses in other countries can be very virulant.  (strong) as our body here in the good USA have never came in contact with.  Just be thankful that you do NOT have this small fiber neuropathy in your face because it would drive you totaly CRAZY!!!!! as it does me every day of my life.  I have 3 grandchildren and I don't enjoy them or anything for that matter like I would have in the past when I felt like a human being.  Well, anyway sorry for rambling on. but demand a skin biopsy and maybe you can get some answers and some help.      I wish you luck                       Laaz
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There can be several reasons of your thigh/legs/back burning & tingling sensations although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern.

Most likely your symptoms could be due to injury to a nerve, pressure on spinal/peripheral nerves (neuropathy), vitamin deficiency, lack of blood supply due to atherosclerosis/aneurysm in the extremities, viral infection and use of certain medications.  Please consult your doctor to get all these possibilities evaluation in your case for further assessment. Hope this helps.

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