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Skin very sensitive to the touch

I have been experiencing very strange skin sensitivity for the last 3 weeks or so.  It all started with one little spot on my ribcage about the size of a softball.  The skin felt very sensitive and had like a "sunburned" feel to it - it especially bothered me when my shirt would rub up against it a certain way.  Well, it eventually spread around to my whole rib cage area and was very bothersome.  Some days the feeling would be worse than others.  It seemed that each day the feeling would slowly move upwards and eventually the feeling was all around my breasts making it extremely difficult to wear a bra.  It slowly went away for almost 2 days but then the same feeling came back but this time it was on the underside of my forearm.  Same exact feeling, just a different location. It also all of a sudden appeared on one little spot on my foot and also on my pelvic bone area.  Currently, it is bothering me really bad on my lower abdomen and the top of my buttocks, all the way around my body.  The feeling seems to be more intense on the left side of my body though.  Again, it feels very sensitive to the touch, almost like I have been sunburned and it really bothers me when my clothes brush up against it.   There is absolutely no redness, bumps or lesions of any kind.  The pain doesn't feel very deep either, it is just on the skin.  

Now I don't know if this is related to the strange skin sensitivity or not but about 4 days ago I started feeling this really weird sensation behind my left eye.  It almost feels like I have to strain to move my eyeball to the left and when I do, I kind of have a dizzy feeling.  I know this all sounds really weird but I feel like I have started to fall apart since the new year rang in!  I have always been a perfectly healthy individual.  I'm a 31 year old female, have 2 young healthy boys and am married.  I have no stress in my life whatsoever so I know this is not related to stress.  I have a dr's appt tomorrow morning at 8:30 but I wanted to know if anyone has heard of these weird sensations or know what it could possibly be?   Thanks for any help you can provide...

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I have been having exactly the same feeling for the past 3 weeks.  It started on the right side of my stomach and felt like really bad sunburn and my shirt hurt my skin really bad when I put it on.  It then went to my whole back, went away from there and showed up on my right inner bicep, then to my right outer forearm and now on my left inner and mid-thigh for 2 days and now still on my thigh but also on my left forearm.  It is extremely painful on my thigh when I walk and my pants rub up against it.  I am 32 years old, with two healthy boys and am married.  I have been feeling stressed lately since I just went back to work after a 3 month maternity leave.  My jaw has also been slamming shut on its own when I least expect it.  It doesn't clench and stay closed, it just slamms shut and then is fine.  I attributed that to stress, too.  

I am very nervous about what this may be and am going to a dermatologist tomorrow in the morning and am hoping for some answers.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The sunburn feeling pain has now moved to my whole lower back and is hurting everytime I move.  Any advice would be great.
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The altered sensations you are having on the skin are not due to any skin disease. In all probabilities, these are symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. And it is changing places. t hints at some progressive injury to the peripheral nerves, or even higher up in the brainstem or the brain itself. A demyelinating disorder has to be ruled out.

You can speak to the doctor about this.

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I tried going to see a neurologist today but due to the weather here in the northeast, noone could see me.  I have an appointment on Monday morning but I don't know if this is too long to wait to see what is wrong.  It is now still on my left leg, on my left forearm and hand, by my right shoulder and now on my stomach again.  I am not sure if going to a hospital will help since my appointment is 2 days away.  I am in trememdous pain every time I move.  Any advice would help.
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One other thing is that I have had some throbbing in two of the spots where I have pain - my left thigh and left arm and hand.  It is not constant but enough for me to notice it.
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I don't think there is any problem in waiting for two more days. If he is a Neurologist, it is better to wait and get it examined properly.

Meanwhile, you can try some over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs, only if you can not tolerate the pain.

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