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Sometimes my surroundings becomes LOUD, FAST, and my thoughts SHOUT

I'm 17, and when I was younger I would have these occasions where I would be sitting alone and suddenly everything I touched felt like it was textured. Almost like the texture your fingertips have after being in water for a long time. And if I was holding anything it felt really heavy even though it wasn't. And of course the fast surroundings and enhanced noise and thinking. It would last a typically about a minute or three.

Now that I'm older, the strange feeling in my fingers hasn't presented itself again. But I still have times when I'm alone and everything is silent and suddenly, boom, sped up surroundings, enhanced noise, and loud thinking. Like, "I'M GOING TO PUT MY PENCIL DOWN NOW AND STAND UP!"

Just a few minutes ago I was lying in bed and on my phone when suddenly it felt like my vision was zooming out even though there was no change to anything was looking at. And my phone felt really heavy and my hands felt larger too. This has happened several times but not in a long time.

I know this is a lot in one thing but this is really weird, any help would be appreciated.
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When this happens, do you feel anxious or stressed before? Is it during a stressful time? I mean, obviously now is stressful. I assume you're doing school from home, and isolating with family, and everything has changed, and that's really stressful.

But when the feeling/texture thing happened before, was it a stressful time?

I'm trying to figure out if this is a stress response, or if maybe there's something physical happening. Maybe you can help narrow that down, if you can remember back when it happened before.

You should definitely get checked by your doctor to rule out anything physical - that's always a must. Make sure nothing is wrong with your ears, or that nothing neurological is happening. It's quite possible that this is something very different than what happened with the textures years ago, so get checked out, especially if it keeps happening.
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No, I never was in a stressful situation. It just seemed to pop up for no reason. I'm also I'm homeschooled so spending a lot of time at home is nothing new.

And thank you for your help.
Have you told your parents what's happening? If it's not a reaction to a particularly stressful time, and being at home is nothing new for you, then you should definitely get this checked out. It could be something as simple as fluid in your ears, but let us know what happens. :)

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Dont feel alone with this. There are a lot of people experiencing this.

Have a look at the thread with the title "Surroundings becoming weird and fast/intense/loud"
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