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Soreness in top, back of head

  About a year ago I was peaking with anxiety and woke up with the sound of two "explosions" going off in my head. Ever since then (about a year ago), the top and back of my head has been sore. Not painful. But soreness. Sort of like skin is being painfully stretched over back of scalp. CT scan checked out OK. My question is: Can someone burn out a nerve ending in brain? ANd if so, can it heal in time? My head is still sore, but has not gotten worse.
Thanks for the question.  Because your acute symptoms ("explosion" sensation
inside the head) occurred a long time ago, and your CT-head was negative,
it is less likely that you harbor some major pathology.  The neck and head
discomforts/aches that you mentioned can be fairly typical of tension-type
headaches or can be a manisfestation of irritation of a superficial nerve
in that region call Occipital Nerve.  A careful physical exam by a physician
should be able to clarify these issues.
I hope this information is helpful.
This information is provided for general medical education purposes only.
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