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Spinal Tap Results

  After experiencing symptoms of vertigo, diplopia,, numbness, ataxia and cognitive problems I finally had a spinal tap done.  Though my physician's nurse initially told me that the results were normal I noticed (when I received a copy of the report) that the Serum Albumin was slightly high at 5290 mg/dL (out of a range of 3700-5000) and the CSF Albumin was slightly low at 11.9 mg/dL (out of a range of 13.0-24.0).  The rest of the levels were normal but I am wondering whether the albumin level results could indicate anything.
  Also, how can test results be completely normal if I have been experiencing almost continuous symptoms for 2 years?
  Any input would be appreciated.
Thanks for your question.  The levels of albumin (both in the serum and
in the CSF) are actually used as a "control" for the comparison of other
proteins, most often the Immunoglobulins.  Thus the actual numbers for
the albumin, unless they are overtly abnormal (which is NOT your case)
seldom has any clinical significance.  From the symptoms described in your
message, I am assuming that one of the reasons for the analysis of the CSF
is a demyelinating disease such as Multiple Sclerosis.  If that is the
reason, your physicians will be looking at the so-called "Ig synthesis
ratio", that is, whether the CSF content of Immunoglobulins is disproportionally
high when compared to the serum content, thus indicating a CNS auto-immune
process.  Please discuss the results of your exams with your physicians.
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
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