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Spinal Tumor

  An MRI has revealed a tumor at the base of my spinal cord at L1/L2. I have been experiencing sever pain in my right hip and lower back, especially when laying down. I am scheduled for surgery in three weeks.
  What can you tell me about the nature of tumors in this area? My condition is worsening each week. Is there any risk in waiting three weeks? What are the risks involved with this condition?
Hello Denby!
The first important thing for me to tell you is that if you experience ANY weakness, paralysis, or persistent numbness (not pain but actual loss of sensation), or ANY problems urinating or having bowel movements, go to the EMERGENCY ROOM immediately. DO NOT WAIT or call your doctor, because by the time you do you could be permanentlky paraplegic, depending on what type of tumor you have and how fast it is growing. Without knowing what specific type of tumor you have and exactly where it is i.e. within the spinal cord, outside of it and pressing in, or in the vertebral bone, it is not possible to give you any meaningful assessment of risks or prognosis, and the forum is not intended for such specific procedure related information in invividual cases. Your surgeon will explain the specific risks, benefits, and alternatives to surgical treatment of the tumor, and what if any additional treatment is needed postoperatively. Please remember that the information we provide on the forum is intended for general medical informational purposes only and that the actual diagnosis and treatment of your specific medical condition should be strictly in conjunction with your treating physician(s). We hope you find the information helpful, and wish you a speedy recovery following your surgery. Good Luck.

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