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Strange Head Sensation and symptoms - Migraine/epilepsy/something else?

If you could take the time to read this and then give me your thoughts, hopefully some new theory could emerge:

it all started abouth 2 years ago, when I was lying in bed in the morning and in that 'about to get up' and 'still drowsy, lying in' stage I would have an odd sensation in my head. Sort of like a head rush, but more overpowering. How I would imagine a seizure to feel like if it was only in the frontal lobe of the brain (and not in the rest of the body).When awake I would never have these, and they happened very very rarely.

The next stage was when I was sitting down at the computer, and I experienced the same sort of sensation as above, but while i was awake. and much much less intense. again this happened rarely.

After this they became more frequent when awake. Then after a weekend Drinking with friends, the 'Hangover' was not regular headache, but these "odd rushes" (that sometimes feel like a flutter above the eyes, but sometimes feel like a muscle cotraction starting off softly contracting then intenselt contracting then softly then finish). These would happen once every 20 seconds. then next stage after having these frequent 'rush' feelings I gradually began to see vast amounts of eye floaters and eye flashes. untill flashes seemed permanent. Muscles would twitch a lot. I will get a feeling of swaying within my own head, even if Im not swaying physically. sometimes when a 'rush' occurs i feel as if my head is pulled backward. Sometimes as if one side of my brain is heavy, then the other side becomes heavy etc. I catch myself starring into space often, just at one place, losing focus and 'looking through' the object. and I feel withdrawn from things at the moment, as if I have no emotional attachment to them, I just see the things, as if I cant properly absorb the information (another example is - recalling past events, but the normal emotion that goes with memories doesnt seem to  be there). Would have some cold patches appear all around my body, like pins and needles, but feels almost like very fine cold water on small patches of skin. NONE OF THIS IS PAINFUL

(* Note - the word rush is not at all like a head rush when getting up. feels more electrical, or muscular orientated)

Lately Im having the suspicion that the 'rush' feeling has a connection to my eyes, sometimes my eyes shake when one comes about. eyes are never drawn up to the skull like in a fit. This correlates with the eye flash disturbance etc. Some Optic Nerve abnormality, or due to the swaying feeling possibly some brain stem problem (which is the center for eye and ear nerves). Or Epilepsy.

I went to many Doctors (6 or 7) and all of them had no idea. saying it could be some sort of migraine. No tear in the retina. Epilepsy hasnt ever come up. symptoms are always described as strange.  

Any thoughts would be much appreciated, or if anybody has similar symptoms.

Additional information about me - my posture (neck) is a little hunched, could this be causing some sort of tension that causes the above? I use the computer a lot. never had a serious illness. have smoked marijuana before. not a lot though. did binge drink, but havnt since symptoms

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hi woody
i also have had head waves. i explain them like the feeling you get when you hit your funny bone. seem to come and go for only a second , and usually happens when i raise my shoulders and arms or bend my head back or forward. also happen when i almost trip aor are surprised . been going on for almost 2 years, been to u of m and other neur docs. also have ocular rosea, never thought they were connected. good luck make sure you get mri of brain and all the tests you can , dont give up .
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I have suffered from migraines for many years I can trace it as far back as when I was thirteen and who knows maybe even earlier.  In my late twenties I became aware that Onions or the smell of onions or anything in the onion family triggered a migraine event for me.  This excludes garlic which are also part of the migraine family so I am told. And, I too have had this "rush" like sensation going through my brain.  It is almost like the blood vessels are opening up then finally going back to normal lasting less then a minute.  It is not at all an uncomfortable feeling and is almost a euphoric sensation.  The duration is brief and usually repeats several times.  I am a 45 year old male and have been tracking this for many years now as they always preceed a severe migriane headache within 12 hours.
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Do you get an almost euphoric kind of "whoosh whoosh whoosh" rush in your head with each wave correlating with eye movements? Cause I keep getting that feeling and my eyes will kinda wiggle and I get a bit dizzy.. I haven't found anyone else who talks about this. None of it hurts, but I can lose my balance a little if it happens when I'm walking. The phenomenon seems to come in waves, I won't experience it for weeks or months, and then it'll just pop up and happen multiple times daily for week or two.
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Hi, I am new to this forum, and I am having these same type of wierd sensations...it's almost hard to describe even to my neurologist unless you've had it.  I have had neck and back surgery within last 8 months.  Just 3 months ago, out of the blue, I started getting severe, daily, migrain etype headcaches.  So bad, I went to my opthamologist, he said maybe cluster headaches etc.  My neck surgeon said not related to my neck.  Finally, they got so bad, the migraines and these weird sensation, like your brain is numb for a few seconds, like and electric numbing, it doesn't hurt, but can be bothersome, and I too get out of sorts, can't think when these happen.  So, I am seeing a neurologist, had a brain MRI couple weeks ago, having spinal tap in 2 weeks, many lesions in my brain areas, she says I might  have MS, snall vessel stroke disease, or something else, waiting for spinal tap.  I am on neurontin, 3 weeks now, headacjes, improved, but the head sensations have not, in fact, Sunday night they wre so bad, I dropped a glass cause it threw my thoughts off.  Last night, they happened almost all night and I couldn't sleep.  Sometimes I do get a headache or "head pains" small aches, little stabs all over, but not as bad as before.  But these wierd sensations I really bothering me.  I am actually going back to neurologist today to talk more about it.  But I know what you mean, it's like a numbing, wave type of sensation and I actually hear a noise in my head when it happens, almost undescribeable, like if your brain was shaking lightly, or a current wave type of thing.  I told my doctor and she said it's not numbing but tingling, but it's not exactly tingling either....it last seconds, goes away, comes back sometimes 3 or 4 quick sensations, then goes away for an hour or two or longer or I can have episodes of almost constant with a few seconds inbetween or almost nothing inbetween. like 3 flashes of this sensation in a row.

Anyones input is helpful.  The MS keeps coming up w/ the doctor, but not sure if this is a symptom of MS or not.....?  I'll see what comes back with spinal tap.
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Hello i have been having these strange wavelike sensations as well. They are occurring quite frequently.... I have recently stopped taking an anti depressant... but even when i did take it, i would get them...

its a really strange sensation that is very difficult to describe. A wavelike sensation through my head is the best i can do. There is usually an audible accompaniment to it. I can hear a weird wavelike surge in both ears when it occurs.

This thing isn't painful but it bothers me. It really makes me confused and concerned.. and it happens everyday...
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Hi there everyone. Every day I love the internet more for the way people can get together "without getting together". Here I am with my wierd sensations in my head. I've had them now for about 6 years. They recently came back and are worrying. I sleep alot and thankfully they don't affect my sleep. I do not get headaches often but these strange, hard-to-describe-to-anyone sensations are so real.  

At first my started out as if someone has poured a thick liquid over the top of my head and the liquid is slowly running down my head. These days the feeling is more inside my head. If feels like I want to get a headache but not quite. Quite scary. I've been to the doctor once and all he did was to prescribe something for me without running any tests. I didn't buy the medication of course as I thought it was crazy of him to prescribe something for me without doing tests first.
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i too have been experiencing these strange whoosh,,whoosh, feelings for the the past 9 months or so. i am kinda worried about them as the frequencies and severity of them are getting a bit worse. almost electrical in feeling but they are kinda disorienting. friends have suggested i have my inner ears looked at. i have had an MRI done about a month or so ago and i haven't heard anything negative about it, so i too am clueless about this. i really wish someone could help me as i am kinda scared...
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I'm female - early 30's and glad I'm nt alone in this brain numbing event.
I like the OP suffered from what I could only describe as 'odd' wave like sensations making me feel ... well... lop-sided
I've been to see a neurologist due to another few incidents where I had a demi seizure of somekind (I had seemingly 'passed out' without being unconsious - eyes wide & pie eyed, as was aware of what was going on but couldn't move or respond to any external stimuli in any way) which he's linked to what he beleives is migrains, CT / MRI scan normal, nothing sets these episodes off and they're as random as random can get.

As for these 'wave' sensations, another way to perhaps describe them for me is - remember the time in school after lunch where you were in class, bored, warm and wanted to go to sleep? you could almost 'nod off', the wave would creep up and you'd be ready to fall asleep in an instant given a pillow... but the wave would CRASH and you'd jolt awake... a bit like that only without the 'omg I want to sleep' bit.
I can be wide awake, sitting, lying down, walking around and this sensation of being tipped without physically moving is so overwhelming its indescribable (although I'd tried)
Sometimes I'll get a high pitched whine during or after these 'wave' episodes. Sometimes my hearing will go very muffled & or be accompanied with a high kettle whistle noise.
I do not suffer from tinnitus

Don't drink or smoke, not overweight (prolly too skinny) am a lazy moo and don't exercise as much as perhaps I should

on doing digging of my own I'm wondering if its one of the following:
1) Migraine related..
2) Inner ear imbalance..
3) Vertigo
4) mix of all of the above
5) Sommit else
(6) alien invasion - improbable but I thought we could all do with a chuckle)

Food for thought?
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Hey everybody,
  I also started having these same sensations.  Mine became noticable to me in the past 2 years.  I have had MRI's, CT Scans, Sinus Surgery,  Eye exams, Allergy Tests, Weight issues, high blood pressure checks, cholesterol, Neck and back exams, neourologists, and so on, Psycological (ie...antidepressants, anxiety) this is what it eventually comes to when all the doctors don't have a clue...I eventually became depressed trying to solve my medical issues that I created issues, .  I think I have thought of every possible problem to attempt what could poosibly be wrong and self anyalized every possible issue with myself.  I nor the doctors still haven't got a dang clue what is wrong.  I don't know what this is....with mine it is strong when I move my eyes hard in any direction, I feel and hear the same sensations, waves or whooshes as all of you do.  My eyes burn like I was swimming all day, My eyesight is strange...can't focus, starring etc.... It interferes with daily life so much I sometimes only think of this and have problems doing daily activities. Well, I am just trying to move on and make it part of my life.  It would be great to meet-up with a doctor who can figure it out.   Let me know your thoughts...Randy
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I too am getting these weird swoosh sensations in  my head. I also get headaches with this. I also feel like my legs want to give way.
I hate this too. I wonder does anyone know if EMF's could be an underlying cause? Just trying t figure it all out. Also see this link, the Government has these towers and so does other countries. Soe beleiev they are trying to control the weather by bending the troposphere upwards to make the wind and cloud patterns go up instead of hitting us. Just another thought, who knows.
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I experience the same thing quite a lot actually. I think it is Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD), which happens in people that have migraine with aura. It's an electric current feeling going along the surface of your brain. It happens when the neurons depolarize. Anyway, they say this happens right before the aura starts but I get this feeling all the time. Sometimes before a migraine sometimes not. I had a really bad migraine 5 days ago and have been getting these weird sensations a lot on the left side of my brain. My migraines are always on the left side.
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I share this "whoosh" symptom w/ all of you - now for about 5 wks.  The research I've done tells me this is likely due to having been sick - I had a nasty virus about 6 wks ago.  When I was starting to feel better this whooshy head symptom began.  I found information that says when one has been recently sick, or fighting a viral upper respiratory infection, it can infect the inner ear and cause "Labyrinthitis" - an inflammation of the inner ear affecting balance and hearing issues/loss (temporary, sometimes permanent).  In my case, my hearing is unaffected and this is called "Vestibular Neuronitis".  In both conditions, the eyes can be affected w/ quick, jerking back and forth movements.  These conditions can be caused by central nervous system disorders as well -- MS, etc.  I'm really hoping mine goes away soon - it's unsettling!  If it doesn't I will be re-visiting my doc to ensure nothing more serious is going on.  Good luck everyone!
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