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Strange Lasting Headache

Hello, I am a 22 year old college student and rather scared.

I am writing today as I seem to be having some serious problems with my head. I'll be frank and start with the beginning. About 5 days ago I had strange experience while masturbating. As I neared climax I suddenly became very light headed and dizzy. This was alarming to me as I had never had that happen before. The dizzyness subsided after a few minutes. I was actually able to get downstairs and put my head down. Some vertigo and nausea followed off and on for the next two days. I went to see a doctor for my symptoms and she informed me that it was probably normal to experience that during masturbation.

Well, following this appointment I started noticing a tension in the back of my head until eventually it just felt like a rock was back there. The tension wrapped around the sides of my head in band. I was unable to sleep that night and seemed to be in a place between being awake and asleep. The next day I managed to fall asleep for a couple of hours and when I awoke, the pressure seemed to be gone. The pressure returned later that day, this time in the front of my head focusing on the temples mostly. This worried me even more and I went into the shower in hopes that i could relax. The doctor's words that what had happened to me were probably normal gave me confidence.

I wanted to test if masturbation would bring on another episode. I tried again and this time reached climax without the fainting feeling, but the headache was still there.

Again, I had difficulty sleeping so I called my dad who instructed me to take some pain killers and sudafed. The sudafed because I was having some pressure in my ears and we thought the headache might have been sinus related. Well, it took a lot to get my mind off things, but I was eventually able to fall asleep. The sleep was spotty and i awoke to the sound of the tv often. I dragged myself to bed with a mild pain in my head and went back to sleep for about 8 hours. I was constantly being forced awake by phone calls. I awoke the next morning groggy, but not pressured. The pressure would return soon enough and increase as the day went on. It was so bad at one point that father had to take me to the emergency room. I waited about 6 hours there to see a doctor. I noticed some pain in my eyes and between my nose if I pressed there.

When the doctor finally saw me, I explained my symptoms and he determined that i was having some sort of migraine/tension headache. They gave me a migraine cocktail through IV and i napped for a bit. The pressure was gone and I was able to go home.

I went to bed and slept from about 3 to 7 when i was woke up by my folks needing chores done, so I got up with more grogginess  and this time a vibrating in the back of my head that made me feel very drowsy. The drowsiness got worse throughout the day and i tried going back to sleep, but again various things kept me from sleeping and eventually that dreaded pressure returned.

I eventually convinced myself that it was allergy/sinus related as I do have lots of problems with that it is very heavy mountain cedar season here. So i took to breathing in steam and sinus washes for the rest of the day and into the night as I still could not sleep. The steam actually seamed to help and convinced me that the problem was sinus related.

Throughout the night, I some bouts of heartburn and apparently some anxiety attacks, which I am not used to. This whole head thing might just be me being scared and anxious, but I'm not entirely sure. I have been spending a lot of time researching and worrying online.

The next day (today) was like the last and I have almost given up on the idea that it is sinus related. I am the most anxious I have been and the pressure has never been worse. There is a sleepy vibrating in my head, likely due to my lack of sleep. It is currently 9:58 and I am not sleeping. I have an ordinary doctor's appointment tomorrow at 10:40. This is driving me nuts... I have not masturbated since the last time and I notice that i cannot now. I am having some kind erectile dysfunction.

This leads me to believe that I may have something wrong with my limbic system or that my brain might be producing too much of a chemical related to sex.

That or I am suffering from extreme anxiety and need to find some way to relieve the pressure and get some sleep.

Please, tell me Im just having anxiety. I want this pressure to go so i can sleep and have my life back.

I thank you for your time. I know it's long.
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Also, I think the pressure is an episodic tension headache and I'm really hoping that's what it is.
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