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Strange feelings after eye twitching begins?

I would like to apologise for the length of text in advance but would like to cover everything, I have been getting these symptoms for 3 months any help is greatly appreciated as I have been to and from doctors without any idea what it could be...

Started with left eye twitching, tingling and numbness all over body and bad bowels.

Continued Into:
Couldn't eat had to force food down, very nauseas all the time, extreme fatigue, extreme dizziness/tingling and numbness, feeling very spaced out, left eye twitch continuing followed by bad memory. Was prescribed serco for Vertigo which made symptoms worse.

Tingling, numbness and left eye twitch continuing, blurred vision usually at night, brain fog and bad memory, heavy period with painful cramping and an episode of depression feeling very tearful and fed up I do believe this is because of ongoing symptoms which I still have no idea of what it could be.

I have had bloods done which have come back 'normal' suffered from headaches and neck pain since I can remember, drink excessive amounts of water and always thirsty. Have had eye tests which are fine and do not need any glasses. If any one has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi there.  I'm sorry for all you are going through.  I'm glad you've worked with doctors to try to figure out what is going on.  They have no explanation for any of this?  Eye twitching is common with anxiety and stress.  Some of the other things you mention are also at times present with anxiety and stress.  Inner ear issues can also cause things like dizziness and nausea.  

I'm glad your blood work is alright.  but I'd talk to your doctor about other causes of these things and be open to what they say.  They may have you evaluated for anxiety.  

Best of luck to you.
Thanks for your reply. I had another appointment this morning which basically led to a telephone councillor and was told in a very polite way that it was all in my head. I have been 4 times since these symptoms started all of which I was told to come back in a few weeks. I am now at wits end and am considering registering with a different GP. I would not describe as being stressed or anxious I don't get heavy breathing or nervous I just have a constant tingling sensation through out my body. I would be happy to be referred to a neurologist or someone else that could have an idea what could be wrong if the doctors don't know but there not interested. Once again, thanks for your reply.
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You said blood work was normal. Many lab ranges show normal, but are set much too low and people are ill.

I had symptoms. I'm taking daily supplements and things are improving. I was prescribed Meclizine when I said I was dizzy. It made things worse for me too.

Did they test for the following:
25 OH Vitamin D
Magnesium RBC
Serum Vitamin B12
Serum ferritin

Deficiencies have symptoms of:
Muscle twitches & weakness, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, heart palpitations, anxiety, depression, vision problems, dizziness, body/bone pain, internal tremors, B12 has tingling in the body.
As far as I'm aware everything was covered including bloods for anemia, hydroid diabetes ect. I didnt actually see the test results they just confirm everything is normal. I have actually come across loads of forums where their bloods are in normal range but slightly higher or lower than usual.

What was it in your case? And can you pin point if you were ill at all when the symptoms started?
I have been considering taking multi vitamins just to see if it gives any improvement, I'm not too sure but I think I had food posioning / bad stomach shortly before it all started?
Sorry *thyroid
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