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Stroke in 2008, side effects in 2012

First off, I was 24 when I had my first stroke (28 now, and had a few "mini-strokes" in the mean time.  Last "mini-stroke" on record was about 2 years ago)  perfect shape, NO drugs what so ever, non-smoker, no family history. All of my blood tests came back perfect... I score a 0 on the "stroke test" other than the fact...I had a stroke lol.

Secondly, on impact, I instantly "forgot" the entire english language (sorry for all the misspelled words =)..I couldnt even say a word...noda.  Also in the same breath, my right side became 100% paryalized...dead even.  Right hand was so cold (as I noticed, picking my right arm up with my left, and panicking as it just rolled off my lap again)  I tried my best to stay awake, but it was futile at best.  I was so incredibly tired...so I passed out right there on the scene, woke up for a minute or so in the ambluance, fell back to sleep, then woke up 4 days after that in Burlington Hospital.

*Cut scene - 4 years*

All that said, through stubborn almost relentless recovery, I now, can speak well enough to fool any one who doesnt know that I had a stroke, I can walk again, move my right arm again, and recovered some of the agility in my right hand.  I still cant "sort things" based on touch with that hand, and at times my hand feels like all the fingers are tied together or tied, pulling away from one another, and it always feels "asleep"..really a minor side effects, considering how far I really have come. After recovering for about 10 months  I went  back to work.  The first year, 20-30 hours per week,  second year to date, 40-50 hours a week.

The reason I said that, is after everything I've read, movment is the "best way to relieve pain/weakness in the stroke effected limbs."  Problem is, I have a pretty demanding job (physically and mentally) so I cant really "move" my arm or leg any more, but still there are times (it effects me on a daily basis, sometimes for an hour, sometimes all day, somtimes I cant shake the feeling for a few days) where it literally feels like my boot is full of concrete or my arm is made of lead...and it HURTS!  It is very difficult to explain the sort of pain that it brings... If anyone has thrown their arm out, it feels alot like that, but deeper towards, if not on the actual bone, where it  ACHES...and it is noticably worse as time goes on.

Granted, I'm  fairly sure, Ive had a few  more "off the record" mini-strokes, but the ER is like hell on earth, so I ride em out,   My speech gets all crazy, and I know what I want to say, but when I push the words out of the mouth, its all chewed up so to speak, or my favorite, the cut and paste words come back.  Using "hot" for "cold" , "off" for "on" etc etc. but the effects seem to remedy themselves, fairly quickly, and also are deffinitly related to my energy stores.  End of the day, when Im tired, Im much more likly to say somthing incorrectly, in one form or another. HOWEVER, my speech is usually fine during the bouts with my lazy arm and leg.      I digress though.

Is it possible to "feel" more severe side effects (the heavy arm & leg aches ...they are the worste) 4 years after the initial stroke? with out having another stroke, or a TIA,  mini-stroke? and If it is possible, what recourse do I have left?  Physical activity isnt doing it any more.  

Interupts my sleep like you dont even know...Ill be so dayum tired, but my leg aches so bad.  Effects my work, at times I am really dragging my left behind me (not like oh man im having another stroke) but it feels like the ultimate fatigue from an epicenter on the top of my kneecap, that goes sometimes as low and high as foot and hip respectably.  Is there ANY recourse.??  Ive been trying my best to "tough it out" for as long as I can, but its hard...really hard,  

Any constructive comments of any sort will be welcomed. Sorry for the "me book" but I wanted to make sure everyone had all the details, so hopfully come up with a good answer to my blight.
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