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On April 19, 2008 my husband was doing yard work when he got weak, dizzy and a throbbing headache where he felt like something was going to explode in his head.  His hearing also became muffled and he was unable to understand what was being said.  Following day was worse unable to understand anything that was being said to him, unable to read and understand or consentrate on what is said. He was hospitalized that day for possible stroke. He spent 4 days in hospital they performed in ER and hospital - brain scan, chest x-ray, blood cultures and other blood test, spinal tap, mri/mra, eeg, ultrasound on carotids, ultrasound and doppler of heart. All test came back negative/normal. Dr's said no signs of Stroke but having stroke like symptoms. Since being released from hospital has had a 24 hr eeg done, which was also normal, more blood work. They have found that he has hypercoagulation disorder. Since being released he is having what I call episodes for no other name, he has a headache24/7 since 4/19/08, on top of this he gets throbbing headaches, before he gets these he becomes confussed, gets muffled hearing also at times loses his balance. His left cheek also becomes numb. The throbbing headaches last 8-12 hours, he sleeps during this time which ends up being during the day.  He gets very angry during this time.  When first released from hospital he got these about twice a week now he is lucky if he has two good days out of seven. He is only 47, he has emphysema, osteoporosis, high cholesterol. His father died at 48 from massive heart attack. My husband also has mitral valve prolapse. He might also have Marfan Syndrome, Dr is checking into this. They do not know what is causing all the problems.  The episodes I referred to are happening more and are more severe. I am watching my husband go down hill, and getting worse instead of better and no one is able to tell us what is going on.  I am afraid that my husband had a stroke on 4/19/08 and all these episodes are mini strokes and leading up to a major stroke. Please help with any ideas. My husband has said he doesn't know how much longer he can go on like this. He is on short term disability right now but he has less then four months to get back to work or he loses his job and all health benefits. We are both under alot of stress due to I don't work and now I am afraid to leave him alone due to confusion, headaches. Dr's tell me to keep a eye on him.  
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