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Sudden Onset Joint Pain and Feeling of Bruising All Over

I am a 32 year old female who has been generally healthy. I am recently (3 years) diagnosed with Celiac but that seems to be under control with diet. I recently had a cold at Christmas, followed by a sore throat a little over a week ago. I had also recently flown to Alberta and had been a little run down from my travels.
Monday morning, I noticed the joints on my left hand seemed stiff. I've had carpul tunnel (sp?) so O wrote it off as that or, possibly a pinched nerve because my back and neck were quite sore. By the afternoon, both hands, my left elbow and left shoulder felt stiff and achy. I saw an active release chiropractor at 5 and generally started to feel better (once the initially rush of blood and healing fluids subsided). I still felt stiff; however, and upon retiring to bed noticed that my knees were also very stiff as were my ankles. My hands got steadily worse to a deep painful ache and in the middle of the night my feet ached and the pain is inexplicable. I would up in the ER where they assumed it was inflammation and gave me a shot of Toredol and sent me home. I was back an hour and a half later with the same problem, they gave me demorol. That seemed to help me sleep and I was to come back for blood work. All blood work this time, and subsequently two other times through the course of the week have come back with no irregularities, no increased white blood cell count, no inflammation, etc. Upon having a nap monday - I awoke with the same hand and foot pain and received a shot of demorol. That only lasted until I fell asleep that night and awoke with the same problem - this time demorol and toredol.

The general trend I've noticed now, I wake up extremely sore, to step out of bed feels as though I am walking on feet riddled with broken bones, my hands feel as though the muscles and tendons have stretched for the first time ever, my knees are extremely tight and sore, I feel weak all over but more so from what feels like intense deep tissue bruising everywhere.  After a couple of hours I get along much better with some mild aching. I was thinking that I was getting better because the episodes of hand and foot pain were only occurring at night. BUT... for the first time in thepast 4 days I've had a nap. During my nap - I noticed thats when everything tightens up, my feet ache, my hands ache... I wasn't having naps the past few days thats why I had no trips to ER.  Consistently, every night I wake up in indescribable agony. My buttocks, thighs, hamstrings, and now lower back and abdomen (its progressed the past two days) feel internally bruised and the skin feels exactly like  a severe sunburn. There is no bruising, no fever, not even redness. At most, when my hands and especially my feet throb, the vessels are all evident and engorged. I can see blood vessels in my toes themselves that I've never seen before but my feet only slightly swell to where the skin just looks taught and shiny. The pain is unbearable. The demorol (75cc) and toredol (60 cc) shot on Thursday night did nothing to help the pain so I was given Anatriptoban (sp?), and was already on pregabalin/lyrica.  It helped enough that I managed to sleep.  Not to get you lost, so heres a summary.
Monday - pain in hands progressed to other joints, nighttime intense pain in hands and feet, ER gave Toredol, 2 hours later, same problem, ER gave Demorol.
Tuesday - blood tests, showed nothing. Doc figures Viral or Neurological. Referral to Internist.
Tuesday - after a nap, hand and foot pain in afternoon, given demorol, dif. docc agrees not rheumatoid, likely viral or neurological. Does more blood work and neck xrays. Nothing. Another attack in evening, ER gave me Toredol/Demorol and the doc. prescribed Lyrica (75mg)/Pregabalin (75mg).
Wednesday - the usual, wake up extremely sore and stiff everywhere, notice that the sunburn feeling is spreading upwards to abdomen and lower-mid back. Also notice extreme hypersensitivity to heat. Tried to have a bath - toes and hands felt like the knuckles/joints would explode. Subsided after a while out of the tub. Can't wash dishes - hot water pain to my hands. On one dose of Lyrica/Pregabalin twice a day. Notice that my jaw and the base of my tongue hurt. Occassional shooting pains in my ears. Jaw and all the noted pain cotninued throughout the next few days as well.
Wednesday evening - usual tip to ER after couple hours sleep. I now have a standing order for toredol/demorol. New ER doc thinks rheumatoidal even though all others say no and my ESR is 10 and another registered 6. She prescribed Prednisone. Took only that evening dose.
Thursday - same morning pain that wears off as day goes on. Two doses of pregabalin and Lyrica.  Same evening visit to ER after I fall asleep - dose of toredol/demorol and half hour later no relief. Call ER doc, hour later same pain, he order Anatriptopan (sp?). Eventually pain subsides.
Friday - sore everywhere as usual, extremely painful to walk, bottom of feel and muscles in feet/joints, in agony for at least an hour. Did not take prednisone. On the Lyrica/Pregabalin.  Evening trip to ER - extremely painful. Started in left foot only. After in ER, and around time of Toredol/Demorol shot, my right foot started and went through the full pain motions as if untouched by the drugs.
Sat (today) - usual extreme pain to walk first thing in morning. All the same bruised/sunburnt feelings, abdomen feels tender as if the organs are a little bruised. OF NOTE: first time in three days or so I tried to have a nap. Sure enough after laying down, my knees start to ache, my feet almost got painful enough to consider ER and my hands started to ache.  It happens when I lay down!!! So now I wonder is it circulatory? Is it neurological.
The internist only looked at my ER notes and bloodwork and responded that he couldn't help me. He too, thinks its neurological. I've never had a headache, fever, redness, or anything with this. THey are completely baffled and I am in pain. I need some direction, some ideas even to follow up on. Anything!!
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Tailend.....not to laugh at you, but I swear I just read myself....lol........but this information for you.....go back to the doctor and have him check you for Fibromyalgia.  Prayers with you..

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I had many of the same pain issues for about 8 years - that is until I found a wonderful Dr. who was very willing to look outside the box and refused to label the pain as Fybromialgia. I had been tested for Lupus as well as other possible illnesses. She took one look at me and told my that I had Systemic Candida (and overgrowth of yeast through out the body) and then perform what is called an Organix urine test to prove it. After going on a specialized diet and taking various antifungal medications for almost 4 months I was pretty much pain free. That is until yesterday.

It came on suddenly as it used to - pain in my joints, muscles, skin - the brain fog and low energy - best way to describe it is that its as if someone has beat me up with a rubber baseball bat. It took everything I had to just get out of bed this morning. Thankfully, I know that I have to go back on the program. Key word... go BACK on the program. My Dr. has encouraged me to continue to follow the candida diet because she said that I wasn't totally yeast free yet and that if I didn't the symptoms would return. She was right, so now - I've got to get myself back on track again.

Find a Dr. in your area  - usually one who pracitices both traditional and holistic medicine that acknowledges and treats this condition. Have them rule out such things as Lupus, Schelraderma (sp?) and other pain related illness and also test you for the systemic yeast. The first part of the diet and medication program can be tough, but once you get into the groove of it and realize how much better you can feel (takes a couple of weeks and you may feel a bit worse before starting to feel better), you know that it was worth the effort.

Good luck and God Bless you in  your recovery.

FYI: I don't know where you live, but if you live in the Atlanta area, my Dr. is Marion Owen. She practices in Decatuer, GA. and she is a God send.
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When I read your post and that by Flowercbs, I felt like crying (o.k., I'm crying now...).  I have the same thing happen to me occasionally.  It seems to be travel and diet related for me, and takes me a week or more to get over.  I just took a trip with my mom on a bus, and hardly ate anything because the food was so heavily carbohydrate laden, and I know if I start eating a lot of wheat (I think), I start to swell up, and my skin starts to itch.  I'm not sure what is going on, but the symptoms sound the same.  Literally, I feel like someone beat me, with the same ear pain, the tops of my feet feel sunburned, all my joints feel swollen, my hands hardly able to hold objects...terrible weakness to the point I feel crazy.  I'm very athletic, so my cure all remedy is to just push through and walk and exercise the pain away, which is very painful, especially for my lower legs and low back, glute area, but I feel better after about 20 min. later.  It has been 4 days since my trip (too much sitting on a bus?), and my left side is still weak, but getting better.  I went to my doctor a few years ago, and he said I was just getting old (42).  Thanks for nothing...I haven't gone back since.  Watch your diet...drop any refined carbs.  I'll keep you in my thoughts.  Let me know what you guys find out.  I know how frightening it can be.
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I have similar symtoms. They started following a tick bite. Have a doctor give you the western blot lyme test...
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  You are not alone! I have been suffering the same symptoms for 2 yrs now & they are most of the time unbearable. My veins will swell & burst  in my hands and feet as well. I have seen countless Dr.s of every specialty. They all wanted to call it fibromyalgia. I was ready to punch them all! Then the intestinal pain hit, followed by bleeding for a week straight. then on and off for the last 3 months. I also developed heart arrythmias. I was told it was anxiety, stess, depression....none of wich I had until I was stricken with constant pain. I was passing out often.  It wasn't until the Dr was in my heart doing electronic mapping for the ablation did he realize how severe it was. I had 27 nerve clusters that were trying to control my heart instead of the 2 normal ones. Finally I had a Dr say this was NOT NORMAL...yet he has no idea what it is. I just started going to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester for research & testing. I feel they are my last hope. I have spent countless hours researching the web for others like me. I have found plenty, but none have gotten answers either. There HAS to be one. I have met 6 other woman in my area by chance..we have the same symtoms. It can't be a coincedence. There has to be an ambitious Dr out there that wants a name for himself. This is how they get famous....find out what is wrong with all of us!!!!
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I am a 40 year old female have had the same symptoms exactly, just started about 3 weeks ago and when I woke up this morning I could hardly walk.  I lost my insurance this summer so I can't afford to go to the doctor so I am searching the web for some answers to see where I need to go from here.

I have the exact pain in the tailbone, the joints where my hands attach to the arms, feet attach to the legs and toes attach to the feet.  Just about an hour ago the pain started up either side of my spine and I have had a horrible time trying to stand up today.  

When I woke up this morning I became very nauseated and my arms felt like they were asleep from the elbows to the tips of my fingers and the top of my head had the same sensation.  I would have thrown up but there was nothing on my stomach so I had the dry heaves which made the other pain unbearable.  The nausea and tingling went away after about 30 minutes but the pain has spread and increased throughout the day.

I am overweight so the fat on my inner knees at the top of my shins are extremely painful.  The skin is extremely sore to touch and has a burning sensation.  There is a strange lump about 6 inches above my left outter ankle bone, it feels like I hit it on something and to my knowledge I have not hit it.  

I went throug a lot of blood work earlier this year and everything came back normal.  

I was working in the yard doing a lot of yard work about a month ago and thought I might be sore from that but it has been a long while now and seems to be getting worse and more dabilitating.

I am new to all of this and looking for advice or information, because I am unemployed and uninsured.  Any input is welcomed.
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I woke up with these very symptoms about two weeks ago.( I already have fibromyalgia and it could be that. I had a ten year period when I could hardly walk and standing was very hard on my feet.) I'm getting around here like a really old lady. It's the intensity that is new and the increased limitation and pain. I have had IBS for 6 months. Lost 17 pounds. Doc put me on elavil. Helped with IBS but is it causing these symptoms?  I'm going off it to see if anything changes.Bless you. Pleiadean     p.s. These body challenges are very hard to work with.   I agree with HeavensSpirit, get checked out for Fibromyalgia. It has a lot of other syndromes connected to it. Heart, digestion, brain and more    I have lived with it for 35 years
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I woke up with these very symptoms about two weeks ago.( I already have fibromyalgia and it could be that. I had a ten year period when I could hardly walk and standing was very hard on my feet.) I'm getting around here like a really old lady. It's the intensity that is new and the increased limitation and pain. I have had IBS for 6 months. Lost 17 pounds. Doc put me on elavil. Helped with IBS but is it causing these symptoms?  I'm going off it to see if anything changes.Bless you. Pleiadean     p.s. These body challenges are very hard to work with.   I agree with HeavensSpirit, get checked out for Fibromyalgia. It has a lot of other syndromes connected to it. Heart, digestion, brain and more    I have lived with it for 35 years
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Morning Ladies,  I am in the military so I am use to pain as well, and have learned to fight through it as well.  But this has me stopped in my tracks.  I am being checked for lyme but many suggest that it is a hormone imbalence brought on by travel, stress and not eating right.  I am healthy and exercise but after having 3 kids and a full life my female body is ready to retire I think.  I am going to get more testing and will let you know what I find out as well.  Stay strong and stay away from pain medication.  Pain is letting you know something is wrong...lets listen to this.
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CANDiDA.... eliminate all sugar for two weeks...it will balance your body back out and you can go back to eating sugar if u want after that. I am starting today and will keep u all posted... good luck to us all!!!
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Sounds like fibromyalgia. Do some research because there are different stages and not everyone is the same. I have it and your swelling and joint pain sounds like mine. Stay AWAY from salty foods salt worsens the swelling. Stay in cool places and out of the sun. Sleep with your feet elevated and you can put some ice on them. I do that for about 15 in bed before I fall asleep and I usually get a good nights sleep! Rest your hands when they swell, don't use them as much little things like texting, cracking your fingers all play a big part. Drink plenty more water! Good luck! Been living in serious pain for 2years med free! You can do it too!
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I can't believe I'm reading this.  I thought I was the only one.  I'm going through exactly what you're going through.  Whatever it is, I suffered for almost two years, then all in a sudden it stopped just as quick as it started.  I went about two years, and it hit hard again.  I've been sent to specialists, and prescribed medications (that hardly touch the pain) and now I just live with it.  I manage to get a couple of hours of sleep at night, and I power through the day.  My youngest said I walk like a zombie at night after work.  (I work in an office)  It seems it gets worse with use for me.  If I type a lot, my hands get real sore.  If I drive a lot, my tail bone and my shoulder get the worse of it.  I'm addicted to pain meds now, even though they hardly work.  I've had everything from Oxycotin, Morphine, percacets, and now I'm on tramacet and rolivia.  Anyway, I'm going to keep track of this group and hope for some answers.  I truly hope everyone here gets feeling better.  I was 47 when this started, and I'm 52 now.  I'm a physically active man.  Or at least I used to be.  Now I have a hard time just walking around a mall to Christmas shop.  
Thinking of everyone here......
Hello Roughriderick.  So very sorry to hear about your situation and pain.  Your doctors have no explanation for you at all? What has your testing been like to find the underlying cause?  
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