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Sudden Weakness in arms

In the last few months I have been getting a sudden weakness in both arms.  It comes on suddenly and lasts a maximum of 5 minutes.  When it happens I cannot lift anything.  I feel so weak that I have to sit or lie down until it passes.  This week it hit me twice.  Before these 2 incidents, the last time this happened was a month ago and before that was probably another month (2 times in a week).  The sensation is from the shoulders down to my hands.  Any ideas?

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Hello dear,
You should consult a neurologist and get  MRI done as there could be several causes for the muscle weakness such as degenerative spine changes,TIA,stroke,neuropathy,nerve compression etc.Are you  hypertensive?You should monitor his blood pressure levels  regularly You should go for a evaluation and get the diagnosis confirmed.
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I have also had the same experience in the past 2 months, I am always relieved that it happens when I am able to sit or lie down quickly.   It started when I began taking prevacid, nexium, etc. for reflux and wondered if it had some connection.  I have been told by my doctor there is no relationship that he knows of and to also see a neurologist.  Have you had additional episodes or seen a neurologist? Any additional news?   Susan
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Well, I'll describe my "episodes". The first was about 3 months ago and it really scared me. Recently I have had them several times a week though not as intense as the first. Even right now my arms are feeling a bit weak - too strange.
The first thing that happens is a feeling of heat in my shoulders that rapidly intensifies and spreads across the front of my chest up to my neck. And it then quickly spreads down both arms and suddenly that part of my body gets soooooooo weak. I have to stop whatever I'm doing, it's soooo strange and intense. I almost feel like I'm going to collapse.  My arms stay weak for a few minutes after while I just try to get myself back together. At first I thought it was a random experience but I am now getting concerned. I'll let you know if I get any more info. Does this description seem familiar?  
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I can tell you, I don't know what this is, however, I also experience this, please check out my post, ' issues regarding my arms'. Thank you!
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I have also had an episode similar. Its scarey and last for a few minutes.  Could it be stess?  After my arms start to feel heavy, I instantly feel weak.  My last incident was worse. I was walking up the stairs and my arms felt heavy.  My upper body instantly weakened and I felt like if I did not lower my body I was going to fall anyway.  I thought I was having a stroke. Couldn't move for less than a minute but it felt like a century.
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I also suffer from the symptoms described.  But mine has been going on for years...comes and goes.  It is getting worse though now.  No rhyme or reason.  Just arms get weak and tingly....have to lie down and pray that it goes away.  It lastes anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes maybe.  I am unemployed and have no medical insurance, so can't go to dr.  Should I be concerned?
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